Legally Speaking® Landlord's Legal Duty

The legal duty a landlord owes to persons on the landlord’s property depends upon whether that person’s status is that of a guest, invitee, licensee, or merely a trespasser.

Guests are persons invited by the owner.  Invitees are those who rightfully enter upon the property by invitation, for some purpose which is of benefit to the owner, such as a repair person, or meter reader.  Licensees include those persons who enter the premises with the owner’s permission for purposes beneficial to the licensee, and not the owner.  A door-to-door salesperson may be a licensee.

By contrast to all others, a trespasser is one who enters onto or into property without invitation consent, or permission, purely for his or her own purposes, benefit, or convenience.  For example – a thief!

While landlords owe no duty to guests, invitees, licensees, or even to trespassers, except to avoid willful and wanton conduct that is likely to injure them, all classes of visitors to property  are owed the exercise of ordinary care to protect them by maintaining the premises in a clean and safe condition.  Municipal Building and Housing codes are used to enforce such duties by owners, as well as by tenants.

The basic laws of premises liability, recently stated  by the Ohio Supreme Court, held: “...[a] landlord owes the same duties to persons lawfully on the leased premises as the landlord owes to the tenant.”  This is a good rule to remember, and to observe, in order to minimize risk and liability.

Consult experienced legal Counsel for advice regarding the laws of premises liability.




1109 Carnegie Avenue (2nd Flr.)  Cleveland, Ohio 44115

(216) 531-5310 Ext.7100


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Volume 5, Issue 6, Posted 2:10 PM, 07.17.2014

Review of Fusion Fitness Training & Wellness from an Admitted Fitness Skeptic

At Fusion Fitness Training & Wellness, Owner Eric Price looks the part of a personal trainer/gym owner, or at least that’s what I mused to myself the first I saw him. Thoughts about never judging a book by its cover aside, I was not particularly convinced anyone could get me into shape, but I at least wanted a beefy trainer that I could point to as evidence of my efforts.

Having been very active as a child, I was always in fairly good shape. Life, particularly graduate school got the better of me, and then I was not in that great of shape.  Having finished school and settled in a relatively consistent routine with my employer I realized I had run out of excuses.


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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 12:40 PM, 04.11.2014

Happy Holidays from Euclid Vet

Euclid Veterinary Clinic is celebrating its two-year anniversary. We are located on Lakeland Boulevard in the space that was formerly Euclid Veterinary Hospital. Inc. This was owned by Dr. Stearns who greatly served the public for sixty years.

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

First Frozen Yogurt Shop Opens in Euclid

On October 23rd, Yogurt City, located at 22312 Lake Shore Boulevard, officially opened its doors to the public to much fanfare, and offered free frozen yogurt to customers all day long. Representatives from the Mayor’s Office and Euclid City Council, City Economic Development officials and officials from the Euclid Chamber of Commerce celebrated the franchise’s sweet arrival to the City.

Euclid residents will have a healthier alternative to satisfy their sweet tooth in the City.

Frank Yu, owner of the China House at 22316 Lake Shore Boulevard in Shore Center Shopping Center, will operate Yogurt City right next door.

Yu recognized that the City lacked a place to get a healthy snack. At .45/ounce residents can also expect a bargain.

The store operates on a self-serve model. Customers choose from 10 flavors available daily and then select from more than 40 toppings which range from fresh fruit to candy. In total, the store boasts over 40 flavors which are rotated periodically.

The most unusual flavor is Maple Bacon Donut although Frank says his favorite is Peanut Butter.

Frank Yu transformed the vacant storefront making the space a place a great place to enjoy a guilt-free frozen confection.

Sheila Gibbons, Executive Director at the Euclid Chamber of Commerce is happy to have the new business in town. “We are always excited to see new businesses open and we encourage the community to come out and support our local business owners,”  she said.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:09 PM, 11.11.2013

Creativity Matters More than Ever: Atlas Cinemas Thrives Despite Challenging Market

There is very little in this world which cannot be accessed through creativity and hard work. Leveraging the creative process to find solutions to business challenges is essential for the long-term viability of small and mid-sized businesses.

Atlas Cinemas certainly proves that the creative process can be used to give your business a leg up on the competition.

In 1976, the first movie theatre in the Atlas family opened in Euclid, located at 22624 Lake Shore Boulevard.

Today, the theatre is truly a destination in the City with various upgrades and amenities including the premier digital 3D system in the industry. But the success of the theatre cannot be attributed to capital investment alone.

Now under the leadership of Gabriel Saluan, the theatre has remained a staple in Euclid at a time when household budgets are tight. This has been accomplished largely thanks to Gabriel Saluan’s sweat equity (read: hard work) and creative problem solving.

So, what exactly is creative problem solving?

Strategic alliances, endorsements, revenue sharing arrangements, bartering and joint ventures are all creative problem solving strategies which can be used to help your business grow.

Owner Gabriel Saluan lives and breathes creative problem solving.

A local favorite, dinner and a movie, patrons can enjoy dinner at Beach Club Bistro and then go see a discounted movie thanks to the joint venture orchestrated by Saluan. In so doing, both Atlas and Beach Club Bistro are exposed to a larger market overall though shared access to one another’s marketing resources and audience. He has similar arrangements with other restaurants for all of his theatres throughout the region.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:20 PM, 09.12.2013

Fogg announces Bluestone Business Center

Ray Fogg Corporate Properties, LLC has announced it is breaking ground on the first project in its Bluestone Business Park in Euclid. Fogg will develop a speculative mutli-tenant industrial building of over 103,000 square feet. The building will feature clear heights of 32 feet, ESFR sprinklers and will incorporate sustainable design criteria for the shell building to meet LEED Silver standards. The building will be ready for occupancy by the fourth quarter of 2013.

The first 32,000 square feet has already been pre-leased to Remedi Seniorcare of Ohio-Northeast, LLC, who will utilize their portion of the building as an institutional pharmacy. This leaves roughly 71,000 square feet for additional tenants.

The development is big news for the northeast Ohio real estate market, because a significant speculative industrial building has not been built in the area for many years. Ray Fogg, Jr., President of Ray Fogg Corporate Properties, said “we believe the market is ripe for this development. There is almost no inventory of modern high bay industrial space in Northeast Ohio. We are confident the market is craving this product type.”

Bluestone Business Park is a certified Job Ready Site location. The park is extremely well-located directly at the E 260th Street exit of I-90/Rt. 2, within minutes of I-271, the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) and downtown Cleveland. Perhaps one of the most unique benefits of the industrial park is that it can be served by two (2) railroads (CSX and Norfolk Southern). The park has approximately 70 additional acres to accommodate future projects.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:56 PM, 08.09.2013

New business in Euclid goes to the dogs

Love of animals inspires City’s first dog boarding and daycare facility

Michelle Castillo’s new small business, A Pet’s Place, located at 23600 Lakeland Blvd, goes to the dogs, literally.

Castillo, a local entrepreneur, opened her doggy daycare to much fanfare in early May. Mayor Cervenik, City Economic Development officials, representatives from the Euclid Chamber of Commerce, representatives from Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) and Pedro, the center’s adorable mascot were all present to celebrate the event

Michelle Castillo has been working as an actuarial analyst for the past 15 years for a health insurance provider. After earning her MBA in 2010, she realized that she wanted to start her own business. She observed a local doggy day care while attending a training class with her dog Chico, the inspiration struck her, and she decided to pursue her dream.

The passion for her business grew out of Castillo’s longtime love of animals. As a child, she wanted to be a veterinarian and has since volunteered at a number of pet-friendly facilities including the local shelter. Her personal furry companions have also served as therapy dogs, ministering to two-legged companions in need of some love.

The newly renovated facility reflects this passion and is approximately 7,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 70 dogs.

Castillo has truly transformed the former car-stereo installation shop through extensive power washing, painting and the application of an epoxy finish. Her $20,000 investment has made the building a home away from home for local canine comrades.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:47 PM, 08.09.2013

Cleveland Chemical Pest Control celebrates 110 years and 5 generations of success and innovation

This month, family owned and operated Cleveland Chemical Pest Control Inc. will celebrate its 110th year in business. Originally formed in 1903 as a service branch of the Chamberlain-Haber Chemical Company that specialized in installing ant and roach insecticide, the Kirchner family has owned and operated Cleveland Chemical Pest Control since 1929.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:39 PM, 08.09.2013

Insights on Insurance: Water damage coverage

Here it is, another July morning with street after street in Euclid (as well as our neighbors to the east)  lined with household goods, destroyed by wet basements and water backups. Seven years ago in 2006, we experienced seven inches of rain in about five hours. This year’s storm produced 4 inches of rain in one hour, with totals ranging from 4 – 7 inches. The result is the same: discouragement, frustration, anger, and personal loss.

Many people called their insurance company or agent to inquire if they had coverage for their loss. Some were happy to learn that their policies had the water backup endorsement, while others were quite disappointed, to say the least, when they learned they did not have the proper water backup endorsement. Perhaps now is a good time to find out exactly how you are covered. These ‘hundred year floods’ are occurring much more frequently than one in a hundred years!

Most homeowner insurance policies exclude water damage caused by backed up sewers, drains, and failed sump pumps. This exclusion can be ‘bought back’ via a water backup endorsement. The endorsement generally can be "basic" which would cover clean-up, water extraction, drying, and repairing damage to the home itself: walls, flooring, and appliances, such as, furnace, hot water tank, washer, and dryer, or it could be a "broad" endorsement which would extend to cover loss to personal articles, such as furniture, area rugs, along with the normal "stuff" that people keep in their basements.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:50 PM, 08.09.2013

Indulge offers home-style, homemade favorites with a twist

Expect the unexpected at Indulge. With unique tastes and textures added to familiar favorites, the cuisine at this new restaurant in Euclid is just like what grandma used to make, but with a twist. Specialty items include peach cobbler, banana pudding and macaroni and cheese. All dishes are made from scratch, often using family recipes.

“I wanted to put life into the food,” said owner-operator Shawn Jones, who opened Indulge on East 200th Street earlier this year. He runs the restaurant with his fiancée, Iris Butler.

Indeed, his approach to the restaurant is a clear reflection of self. A family man, Cleveland native, and 17-year Army veteran Jones definitely knows where he came from but is not afraid to incorporate lessons he picked up around the world into his work. “Bam!” he emphasized, the unexpected will hit you.

Not unlike your grandma’s house, Jones also wants you to be comfortable at Indulge. “We are excited about being part of the community,” he mused.

Later this summer, Thursday nights will be “date night” at Indulge featuring a jazz band that will surely make it a hotspot for local couples.   

Indulge is located at 317 East 200th Street, Euclid, Ohio. For information or catering contact 216-938-8026 or

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 10:46 PM, 07.03.2013

Euclid Chamber of Commerce Hosts Annual Awards Dinner

On the snowy evening of March 21, 2013, Euclid’s business and civic communities joined together to celebrate the Euclid Chamber of Commerce’s “Taste of Euclid” celebration where local eateries, party centers, and retail establishments showcased their culinary delights, and where Euclid’s leaders and businesses were recognized and presented with the Chamber’s annual awards.

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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 1:41 PM, 04.19.2013

Insights on Insurance:Ohio is raising its minimum liability requirements for auto insurance

For the first time in 44 years, Ohio is elevating its minimum liability coverage for drivers. This will lead to higher premiums for those Ohio drivers who carry only minimum coverage, but will likely lead to lower auto insurance premiums in the future for everyone else.

Under the current Ohio Financial Responsibility Laws, owners of vehicles in Ohio must carry insurance liability coverage that will pay up to $12,500 per person to cover injuries and medical costs, up to $25,000 per accident, and up to $7,500 property damage per accident. The new requirements double the injury liability and more than triple the property damage liability limits. The new requirements call for $25,000 injury per person, and up to $50,000 per accident. The property damage liability coverage must be at least $25,000 to cover damage to the other driver’s vehicle or any other property damaged as a result of your negligence. The changes in the law have no effect on the Physical Damage coverages for the owner’s vehicle, only those which apply to the other vehicle.

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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 1:28 PM, 03.20.2013

Euclid Resident, Dr. Paul infield Invests In Downtown Euclid

Dr. Paul Infield, D.C., is busy investing in his future. In addition to extensive remodeling of his new downtown office, next to the Paragon Restaurant on Lakeshore Boulevard, he is a Euclid homeowner and recently joined the Euclid Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Infield says he is eager to get involved in the community. 

Euclid made sense to Dr. Infield because it is close to downtown Cleveland and Cleveland sports teams and it is close to his wife’s family in Wickliffe. Dr. Infield grew up in Kingsville Ohio and graduated Cum Laude from The Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, the home of Chiropractic.

As a business major at Cleveland State University, he found he excelled in his health care classes. He decided to switch to the Palmer School in Iowa.

Dr. Infield’s father, Dr. Larry Infield, D.C. of Kingsville completed his chiropractic internship in Euclid 36 years ago. 

Dr Paul’s clinic offers a variety of therapies and techniques including deep soft tissue work. He also has experience as a clinical X-Ray Assistant and has one of the few Digital X-Ray machines outside of a hospital setting in the area. He promotes an active lifestyle, motion and fitness for his patients. He is accepting new patients and accepts most insurance. 

Patrick Carmody and his family have lived Euclid for over 10 years. He is a marketing and media professional offering services to small businesses.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:44 PM, 02.13.2013

Insights on Insurance--Ohio's insurance rates among the lowest in the country!

Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor announced Ohio’s 2011 average auto and homeowners' insurance rates were again among the most competitive in the United States. The Department annually compiles the state’s average auto and homeowners' insurance rates.

“We are fortunate to have a robust insurance marketplace that produces competitive rates for consumers,” Taylor said. “To the benefit of Ohioans we are removing burdensome and duplicative regulatory requirements, fostering innovative business growth and attracting new companies to create more jobs and maintain rate stability.”

Ohio has the 10th lowest auto insurance and 6th lowest homeowners' insurance average premiums in the country (dropping from 11th and 9th respectively), according to 2008-2009 data, the most recent figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Based on 2011 activity, the average rate change for the state’s top 10 private passenger auto insurance groups increased 1.2 percent, the lowest uptick since 2008. The average rate change for the state’s top 10 homeowners insurance groups was the lowest since 2007, increasing 6.2 percent. The top 10 insurance groups represent approximately 70 percent of the market.

The historical rate change information is an average. Individual insurance consumers may have experienced rate changes that differ from the average. The Department makes sure rating plans comply with Ohio insurance law and the rates are actuarially sound.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:46 PM, 02.13.2013

What do realtors do in their free time?

What’s free time?  “When you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.”  I don’t remember whose quote that is, but Melissa and I are living proof.

It’s been a year since Melissa joined me in this wonderful journey called Real Estate; it’s been one of my best years in Real Estate. I like to say she’s a born natural. In her first year she has helped good people that bad things happen to stay in their homes. Her 20 year banking career has certainly been a great asset. Yes, I said she has helped people STAY in their homes.

She has an earned knowledge that is unique to our market. Most Lost Mitigation Managers do not go into commission-only careers. When we go on a listing appointment in this market it’s not just a "Sign here" deal. We try to find out what your true motivation is. We have found in the course of a lot of conversations that the seller really doesn’t want to move, but can’t afford to live in their home any longer. With Melissa's knowledge and contacts she has been able to refer these potential sellers to the right people; get the loan modified to a payment the homeowner can afford so they can STAY in their homes.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:56 PM, 02.13.2013

Insights on Insurance: Clothes Dryer Fires

An estimated 2,900 clothes dryer fires in residential buildings are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated $35 million in property losses, according to a new government report. A report by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) states that 84 percent of clothes dryer fires took place in residential buildings. Here are some specifics included in the report:

  • Clothes dryer fire incidence in residential buildings was higher in the fall and winter months, peaking in January at 11 percent.
  • Failure to clean (34 percent) was the leading factor contributing to the ignition of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.
  • Dust, fiber and lint (28 percent) and clothing not on a person (27 percent) were, by far, the leading items first ignited in clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.
  • Fifty-four percent of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings were confined to the object of origin.

Damaging fires can occur if clothes dryers are not properly installed or maintained. The report notes that lint, a highly combustible material, can accumulate both in the dryer and in the dryer vent. Accumulated lint leads to reduced airflow and poses a fire hazard. Reduced airflow can also occur when foam-backed rugs or athletic shoes are placed in dryers.  Small birds or other animals nesting in dryer exhaust vents are another hazard. A compromised vent will not exhaust properly, possibly resulting in overheating and/or fire.

Take a few minutes to inspect these components in your home to ensure safety for your family and your possessions.

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 10:10 AM, 12.18.2012

Everyone deserves professional service

You know how you sit at a red light, and sometimes your mind wanders? But, you don’t have to worry about it turning GREEN, because the person's horn behind you will let you know.

For those of you that are sitting at the Real Estate GREEN light, I'm beeping my horn for you to move. Now is the time. Interest rates are low. Buyer incentives are high. Sellers are pricing to sell. The market couldn’t be better. Beep! Beep!

We have put some wonderful people in homes that they thought they could never buy. 

There are first-rate down payment assistance programs, credit repair counseling and excellent education in home ownership. I must throw up on yellow light. Caution! Do NOT pay for any of those services. We will direct you to the right service for FREE! 

So, step on the gas and get moving. Call, and we will make sure all your real estate needs are handled in a professional manner, with personality

We love what we do, let us show you. We answer our phones, and if we don’t, leave us a message, and we will call back. We don’t care if you’re a $30,000 buyer or a $300,000 buyer. Everyone deserves professional service!

Jan Horvath 216-401-3594, and Melissa Horvath 216-496-4668 are realtors with RE/MAX Traditions.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 4:06 PM, 10.05.2012

Give back to the community event: Free basic haircut

Last year we took a trial run at our 1st annual Harvest Day at Phadeaway Barbershop, where we offered FREE basic haircuts to anyone in the community. This is our way of giving back in our hard times. Everyone is welcome to participate; at Phadeway we have a diverse staff and clientele. This year we want to make it even bigger.

The event will be held Sunday October 28 from 12-4 p.m. at Phadeaway Barbershop 677 East 185th Street in Euclid. This is an absolutely free basic haircut or lineup. Light refreshments will be served. Please spread the word about this event within our community.

Phadeaway Barbershop is owned and operated by Master Barber, my husband, Mike Saddler, who has been in the industry for 10 years and has left his mark as one the great master barbers in town. He uses his unique skill and talent to provide the most precise haircuts and line ups in town. He has a great them of master barbers as well. This is a gold mine on East 185th Street. The barbershop has very diverse clientele. Every time you come in you are guaranteed to receive excellent and quality service. Phadeawawy is also kid-friendly so feel free to bring the family. In addition to being a great barber he is a great husband and father.

I own Butta fingers Nail Studio which is located right next door. I am an 11 year Nail Tech Veteran and have taken my love for nails and the nail business to become one of the top nail technicians in Ohio. I have been featured in the national and international Nails Magazine, Nailpro Magazine and nominated as “Nail Tech of the Year” in Blow Magazine.  Butta Fingers Nail Studio has also been featured on Groupon, Living Social, Dealchicken, WKYC channel 3,, Fox 8 cleveland,, Good Company & The Today Show.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 4:10 PM, 10.05.2012

Insights on Insurance:Ohio’s Auto and Homeowners Rates Among Lowest in the Country

Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor announced Ohio’s 2011 average auto and homeowners' insurance rates were again among the most competitive in the United States. The Department annually compiles the state’s average auto and homeowners' insurance rates.

“We are fortunate to have a robust insurance marketplace that produces competitive rates for consumers,” Taylor said. “To the benefit of Ohioans we are removing burdensome and duplicative regulatory requirements, fostering innovative business growth and attracting new companies to create more jobs and maintain rate stability.”

Ohio has the 10th lowest auto insurance and 6th lowest homeowners' insurance average premiums in the country (dropping from 11th and 9th respectively), according to 2008-2009 data, the most recent figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Based on 2011 activity, the average rate change for the state’s top 10 private passenger auto insurance groups increased 1.2 percent, the lowest uptick since 2008. The average rate change for the state’s top 10 homeowners insurance groups was the lowest since 2007, increasing 6.2 percent. The top 10 insurance groups represent approximately 70 percent of the market.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 4:11 PM, 10.05.2012

Insights on Insurance

Renters finding new places to live or re-signing leases this summer and fall should not discount the importance of renters insurance. “Many renters are unaware of their need to purchase renter's insurance to protect their belongings,” according to Mary Taylor, Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Director of Ohio. “It is important that renters carefully evaluate their need for insurance. Replacing personal possessions without coverage can be quite costly.”  Renters insurance covers personal property, such as furniture, appliances, clothing and electronics, and also provides certain liability protection. In addition, it can extend other protections up to a dollar limit – high-value items such as jewelry, computers, photography equipment, for example. The average renters insurance policy will cost between $15 and $25 per month, certainly a bargain, yet many Ohioans do not have renter's insurance. A 2011 Insurance Information Institute poll found that only 29 percent of renters purchase renters insurance.

Most landlords have insurance to financially protect them against structural damage to their properties, however, this protection does not extend to the renter’s personal property. Taylor advises renters to work with an insurance agent to determine the appropriate level of protection, to ask about available discounts, and, once coverage is secured, to conduct a home inventory complete with photos and video to expedite the insurance company’s handling of a potential claim. The insurance agent can also assist the renter in determining the need for and the additional cost of insuring for the perils of flood and earthquake, which are typically not covered in a renters policy.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 4:21 PM, 09.16.2012

Insights on Insurance:Think Metal Theft Can't Happen To You?

One of the fastest growing crimes in the United States is metal theft. Copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel and scrap iron have become the desired target of thieves looking to make a quick buck. An increase in demand for these metals from Asian markets such as China and India has created a thriving in

Of particular concern is copper, now selling for approximately $4,400 a ton, up 50% since the beginning of 2009. Copper theft often includes gutters, flashings, downspouts, water lines and electrical wiring that can be quickly stripped from vacant buildings, industrial facilities, commercial buildings and construction sites. Air conditioning units are particularly attractive, and are often tampered with or stolen for their copper coils and pipes that connect to HVAC systems. The metal is then sold to recycling companies and scrap yards for a huge profit.

While the economy struggles, metal theft is expected to increase as people become desperate for any kind of income. The cost of metal theft to business owners nationwide is staggering. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that losses from copper theft alone cost the U.S. economy about $1 billion a year.

ternational scrap trade, resulting in much higher prices.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 11:42 AM, 08.12.2012

Economy Friendly Salon

We all want to get pampered and still have the finances for bills. Well, this past June two young ladies opened a beauty salon with that concept in mind. With the way that the economy is now there is barely enough money to go around and stay up with the fashion. Salimah Hunter and Erica Lamar decided to utilize Euclid Square Mall after they saw that it possessed everything they needed to start what they call their life's passion. Beauty was the only thing that kept these ladies sane.

They intend to have a mentorship program for young ladies. This program will help these young ladies develop into mature women. They expect to be a shoulder for these girls to lean on and help them through the difficult times of their lives when they have the most trouble: teenage and young adult years. They were troubled youth and want to give back and show other young people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. These girls will learn basic life skills, job readiness, and how to embrace the beauty within. Although outward beauty is important in so many aspects of life, there is a proper way to achieve the beauty in you without being too revealing.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 11:29 AM, 08.12.2012

Insights on Insurance

Soon, Ohio will become the 39th state to have TWD laws in place. In case you were wondering, TWD stands for Texting While Driving, a major contributor to distracted driving. Six out of ten teens admit to texting while driving – a rather scary statistic! The new Ohio law will take effect 90 days after Gov. Kasich signs the bill, then a 6-month ‘hold’ on ticketing, which carries a $150 fine. The violation will likely affect your insurance rates as well.

The specifics of the new law include a full ban on use of handheld electronic communications devices by drivers under the age of 18. Enforcement for teens does carry Primary Enforcement, with fines up to $300 and possible loss of license. For adults, the law calls for a Secondary Provision which means that police need another reason to stop and cite violators, such as weaving or speeding. Police will have to make an on-site determination if a driver appears to be under the age of 18 before making a stop. Ohio’s General Assembly may not be done with its debates over distracted driving. Similar laws passed in other states typically inspire bills calling for more Primary Enforcement. Further, the new measure does not address cell phone use by adults, unless they are using the device to text.

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 4:11 PM, 07.14.2012

Eaton Family Credit Union College Scholarship Winners

Eaton Family Credit Union is very proud to announce that Daniel Essel, Ryan Schwenke and Zane Franklin have each been awarded $1,000 college scholarships.

“The winners reflect the diverse demographic nature of our credit union,” says Mike Losneck, President. “Danny lives in Euclid, Ryan’s dad teaches in Euclid and Zane’s father works for Eaton Corporation in California. They’re smart kids with bright futures ahead of them.”

Danny Essel attended Euclid High School in Euclid, Ohio. While participating in Euclid’s Cisco Networking Academy he earned Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification. He will study computer science and business at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio this fall. Danny is also a Parker Hannifin $1,000 college scholarship winner, with an opportunity for summer internship at the company.

Ryan Schwenke attended Solon High School in Solon, Ohio. Ryan was editor for the Solon High School newspaper and was captain of the football team. He will major in accounting at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Oh this fall. After college Ryan would like to sit for the CPA exam and work at a large accounting firm.

Zane Franklin attended Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California. An honor student all four years, Zane excels in mathematics and English. He was a four-year member of the school’s award-winning student newspaper. Zane will study economics and statistics at the University of Washington this fall.

Congratulations and good luck to Daniel, Ryan and Zane!

Images available at

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 4:09 PM, 07.14.2012

Ladies, We Have Come A Long Way: Mother/daughter duo help single women with families buy homes

I have addressed the trend before: the fact that the majority of first-time buyers are female. My reason for this is: “Because we can.”  In 1986 Familial Status was added to the Protected Class. Which means you can not discriminate against people with children. Back in 1971, I was denied housing because I was a single mother. Now look at me, I'm  listing and selling Real Estate.

Melissa has 2 new clients that are single young ladies who are buying homes because they are adopting children. To me it is so exciting; I couldn’t even imagine having the opportunity back in the 70’s. One has already started out by doing foster care and is in the process of adopting her foster child. The other young lady is applying for up to 4 children, siblings. Melissa and I cannot express how honored we are to be involved with them. We are able to assist them in the City of Euclid’s down payment assistance program, which is allowing them to buy more house for their money.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 4:27 PM, 06.09.2012

Fay Architecture revitalizes Euclid shopping centers and businesses

Jack Fay, principal architect of Fay Architecture has recently successfully redesigned and revitalized Euclid's two major shopping plazas, Shore Center Plaza and Lakeshore Plaza. In addition to these two projects, Fay Architecture also redesigned and renovated many other downtown Euclid business and retail establishments such as Shore Plaza, the former Euclid Beauty School, Dave's Supermarket (formerly Tops), Atlas Cinema Lakeshore, and Dave Carlson's NationWide Insurance agency. Fay Architecture specializes in renovations for urban structures which remain useful yet are in need of improving their exteriors. Fay Architecture can be reached at 216-952-1513 and is a local Greater Cleveland Area architecture firm.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 10:39 AM, 05.04.2012

New Daycare in Euclid

My name is Belinda Stephens. As a former teacher and elementary school principal, I always set the bar higher for my students in order to maximize academic achievement and motivate students to set higher academic goals. 

This January, I opened a daycare in Euclid, inside the lower level of Living Waters Church of God. Owning my own daycare has been a dream of mine for quite some time. As a former elementary school principal, I witnessed many kindergarten children start school without the basic skills needed to be successful students in their first year of school. At Fun and Love Learning Center, our mission is to equip all children with the necessary skills needed to be successful kindergarten students. 

With the support of wonderful Bishop Tom Owens and other church members, I have a beautifully decorated, print-rich learning environment, where children have FUN while LEARNING!

Call today! We are enrolling children ages 18 months to 12 years. 216-862-4754

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 4:31 PM, 06.09.2012

Daniel is Youth Week Winner, from Eaton Family Credit Union

Super Savers assembled at Eaton Family Credit Union during Credit Union Youth Week from April 22 – 28, 2012. The credit union promoted National Credit Union Youth Week by offering a $20 bonus for new accounts opened and an entry for The Avengers Super Saver Package at Atlas Cinemas when $100 or more was deposited into a youth account. All kids received an Eaton Family Credit Union Super Saver t-shirt for any deposit during youth week.

Daniel from Euclid, Ohio won movie tickets to The Avengers and treats from Atlas Cinemas. He was also made a “millionaire for day” and received interest on $1,000,000. Daniel attends Forest Park Middle School, his parents deposited money to their children’s accounts in honor of their recently deceased grandfather.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 4:31 PM, 06.09.2012

Euclid Chamber of Commerce announces Annual Award Winners

The Euclid Chamber of Commerce Annual Award winners for 2011 were recognized on Thursday, March 22nd at the Chamber’s Awards Dinner, held at the Euclid Lakefront Community Center. Sponsors for this year’s awards event were:

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 10:39 AM, 05.04.2012

Are you a first time homebuyer and don't know it?

I was!  In 2005 I was working as a Branch Manager for Howard Hanna, Smythe, Cramer Co., I was involved in every transaction and saw an abundance of transactions of single mothers with assistance from a program at the time that was  titled “Coming Home.”  I looked into this and saw that it was initiated from a local non-profit Housing Service. I signed up for the class just to see what it was about and why so many women that wouldn’t be able to buy were great qualified buyers. 

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 10:39 AM, 05.04.2012

Do you stay or do you move?

It is with great pride and joy that I would like to introduce to you my new partner. Melissa Horvath, my daughter.  Melissa has walked away from corporate America to join me as a Realtor. Melissa has left a 20 year banking career, where she was an Officer of the Bank overseeing Loss Mitigations. This knowledge is priceless in our market today.

We went on her first listing appointment; found out the seller, like many, was upside down in their mortgage and was unable to make her payments. She had been out of work for several months and just went back to work. Melissa was able to guide her in the right direction to get her payment lowered and stay in her home. We didn’t get the listing!! That’s ok, we have someone staying in their home, not going into foreclosure, maintaining property values and when she does get ready to sell, hopefully, the property values will be where they need to be.

Do you stay or do you move? Give us a call, we will give you the honest information you need to know. We do not charge to help you find out what is best for you. If you are in trouble, please do not call anyone that charges a fee to get the payments lowered. It truly is something you can do on your own. Not everyone qualifies for the payment modification, we will be happy to guide you to find out if you do. 

Call us Jan Horvath at 216-401-3594 or Melissa Horvath 216-496-4668

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 2:01 PM, 04.03.2012

Beer Joints R Us: Supporting local businesses, one tavern at a time!

Coach's Place has indeed been around awhile. Not quite sure how long, but l'm sure it was long before we put a man in space... and we probably needed a can opener to open up a can of Schlitz! It was the Buckhorn Saloon, Bunky’s Place, but it is indeed now, Coach’s Place.

Perry Ward is the latest purveyor of fine spirits behind the bar at Coach's Place  and likely one of the best. Just sitting down with Perry you get the feeling that he's always planning the next BIG THING.

The next big thing is Saint Patrick's Day. His objective is to make it “GROUND ZERO” for this year’s celebration. He's opening at 6 am, serving up 22oz. Harps on draught, Guinness in bottles, a shot of Jameson or a Corned Beef Sandwich. Certainly a menu of the day., and the best part... they’re  all available for only $2.25 each.
Good deals are really par for the course at Coach’s Place.  Speaking of par, Perry’s next event (after the St. Patty’s Day Blast) is the Spring Golf  Outing, scheduled for this Spring. From golfing to “Christmas in July” Party. Seriously this guy doesn’t quit!

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 9:46 AM, 03.04.2012

American Pride Car Washes at Lakeshore and E. 156th

American Pride Car Washes is proud to have opened our sixth eastside carwash at the corner of East 156th and Lakeshore Blvd. Our new carwash opened at the beginning of November, 2011 and we are happy to be a part of the neighborhood.  Our new carwash features an Automatic Express Soft Cloth tunnel wash, 4 self-service car wash bays, 7 vacuums, 2 fragrance machines, 2 shampooer machines and a variety of vending products. The self-service, vacuums, scent, fragrance and vending are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The Soft Cloth tunnel is open daily from 8am-7pm, weather permitting. 

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, there is still time to enter our Grand Opening Drawing. Once 10,000 entries have been submitted, we will draw the winners. The First prize is A Trip for Two to Las Vegas. Second Prize is $500 cash. Third Prize is Free Carwashes for One Year. To enter, all you need to do is wash your vehicle through our Automatic Soft Cloth tunnel and we will give you an entry form. 

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 9:44 AM, 03.04.2012

American Pride Car Care Tips

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Win

 *  Wash your vehicle especially the underbody in the winter.    All that sand, slush, and ice mixed with road salt is exactly what makes your car rust. The fastest corrosion occurs when the temperature repeatedly rises above and then falls below freezing.  American Pride Car Wash located at Lakeshore  and E. 156th offers a Complete Protection Automatic Soft Cloth Wash which provides Underbody Wash and Rust Inhibitor in addition to the Triple polish shine,   cleaner, Clear Coat Protectant and High Gloss Tire Shine. 

 *  Check your fluids and pressures and windshield wipers.   Check your oil, your antifreeze and your windshield washer fluid.  Make sure that your windshield wipers are in good working order.  Also make sure that you have the proper inflation in your tires as the change in temperature often affects tire pressure. 

 *  Maintain your vehicle’s interior.  Vacuum and hose off your floor mats frequently to dislodge dirt and salt particles before they grind holes in your carpet.  Wash upholstery stains before they become permanent. OurAmerican Pride Car Wash located at Lakeshore  and E. 156th has high powered vacuums and shampooers to make cleaning your interior even easier. 

 *  Stock your vehicle with an emergency kit.  Many websites offer suggestions for items to keep in your emergency kit, but a few winter essentials would be:  snow scraper, sand or kitty litter to put under slipping tires, blankets, hats/gloves, first aid supplies and a cell phone with a full battery.


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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:40 PM, 02.02.2012

Local business celebrates six years!

Northeast Plumbing & Mechanical is celebrating its sixth year in business by offering a 10 percent discount for elderly, police, fire, teachers, EMS, active and retired military for the rest

Owner Chris Baggott, who was a commercial pilot for close to a decade, started Northeast Plumbing & Mechanical in 2005 while he was still flying for Air Excellence. Having grown up in the restaurant equipment business – Chris’s family owns Crescore in Mentor - he apprenticed at an early age at the factory and learned welding, pipe fitting and plumbing. Years later, after putting these skills to use as a landlord, Chris decided to follow in his family’s footsteps by opening his own business. 

During his time as a commercial pilot, Chris provided countless trips for high profile clients such as Martha Stewart, Emril Lagasi, former presidents, famous musicians, golf pros, governors, senators and others. This experience servicing society’s upper crust engrained in Chris the superior customer service skills and commitment to excellence that he employs at Northeast Plumbing & Mechanical. Unlike your average plumber, Chris takes the time to get to know his customers, listens carefully to their problems and remains approachable while working to solve their issues. 

“My favorite part of being a plumber is helping people solve problems,” said Chris. “It was a natural transition for me to move from the mechanical maintenance work I learned as part of my family’s business to flight engineering to the complex problems that often arise from plumbing.”

Northeast Ohio Plumbing & Mechanical offers complete plumbing services in addition to heating and air conditioning repair, ventilation, heater installation, air conditioning installation and HVAC maintenance. Their service area includes Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake, North Olmsted, Parma, Parma Heights, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, Euclid, South Euclid, Cuyahoga Heights, Middleburg Heights, Avon and Cleveland.

of the year.

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 1:30 PM, 10.06.2011

New city landmark

Many Euclid residents were startled a few weeks ago by the sight of the huge new Lincoln Electric Company wind turbine, which seemed to spring up almost overnight  (contractors assembled it in about a week).  Drivers heading east on South Lakeland Boulevard encounter the mammoth structure as they approach East 222nd Street.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 7:08 PM, 07.09.2011

Gateway News...

Gateway Retirement Community is pleased to welcome three new employees to our staff: Kathy Nemeth, RN, Courtney Tintor, LNHA  and Jocelynn Schneider.

Kathy is our new director of nursing. She has been in long-term care for 12 years. Kathy has an excellent nursing background and leadership skills. Already, she has made a significant impact in our nursing department.

Courtney, our new assistant administrator, began working at Gateway as a high school student during the summer and school breaks. Courtney is a recent graduate of Ohio University, where she majored in long term care and health services. She will be responsible for managing Gateway Manor, supervising activities at the Health Care Center, grant writing and marketing.

Jocelynn is a graduate of Kent State University School of Communication and Information. She has worked in long term care for over seven years. Jocelynn is committed to providing creative, life enriching activities for our residents.

Welcome ladies!


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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 7:08 PM, 07.09.2011