Beneath it all

I enjoy watching people and how they interact.  I’m fascinated with random conversations and often wonder what’s behind a person’s words.  What makes people say the things they do, and what do their words reveal about the way they view the world?

Lately, I’ve noticed people don’t seem as friendly, or patient, as they were.  I’ve witnessed many conversations where people seem agitated, terse, and short-tempered.  The ease and simple pleasure of daily interactions have changed.  The pandemic has not brought out our best (worry never does).  It has isolated us and brought fear to the forefront.

When every task and interaction is viewed as risking your life, you can easily lose compassion for one another in the name of self-preservation.  When the bond of common humanness is broken we no longer view each other as fellow travelers on the journey of life and potential friends but instead reduce people to their utility for our goals.  They become a means to an end or even a necessary evil.  The way you see people will certainly affect how you treat them.  Compassion and kindness suffer when we no longer see ourselves in each other, and when we view others as less, we become less. 

It is worth remembering that underneath all the goings-on of the day, beneath the restrictions of the pandemic and the craziness of today’s world, you are okay.  Shut off the TV for a little while.  Take a break from the internet with its constant noise of problems and choir of issues.  Separate. Recharge.  Allow life to be as simple as it really is without all the complications.  Let go.  Relax. Muddy water is not made clear by agitating it, but by leaving it alone.  When it comes to fear, don’t believe everything you think.

You only have control over yourself, so stop making life more difficult than it is.  Find your peace.  Get grounded.  The world needs the centered you.

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 09.03.2020