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Always Moving, Even if its not with my own feet!

Are you one of thousands eager to lose the “quarantine 15”, (pounds) before summer is over, and holidays start? 

Disruption of our normal routine is enough stress to add pounds, bloating, fatigue, aches and pains, mix in convenience foods, less activity, stress and boredom eating and there you have it! 15+ unwanted pounds to carry around. Weight gain and poor eating habits and inactivity can bring out other underlying issues that can emerge too.

Many of my clients come in miserable feeling bloated, with all sorts of digestive symptoms and pains. Nevertheless, their main focus is still on losing weight. When you focus on the health of your gut (GI Tract), you can reduce the overall pain and symptoms causing inflammation in your body and radically improve your overall health. 

The digestive system is the most fascinating system in the body. Everything you eat or drink impacts every organ, tissue and cell in your body. With my clients, I’ve witnessed food positively impact everything from irritable bowel syndrome (Crohn’s, IBD, Diverticulitis), Skin issues, diabetes, pain and brain fog.

Putting together all the proven research I have outlined five of the ways to begin to improve your overall health. Remember, be patient because you may not see instant results on the weight scale, but you should notice more energy, better fitting clothes, and overall improved health, less ‘Brain fog” better sleep and better moods.

It is No secret that You can truly eat yourself healthy with a few food tweaks. 

It is a simple process but not always easy, it will depend on your personal level of “I’m done being like this” on a scale of 1-10 How ready are you to feel better in your skin?  

Here are a few advanced tips and rationale I use to get clients to feel better fast. 

  1. Eliminate all the refined sugar and refined flour you eat. Read Labels. Refined sugar and flour feed the ‘bad’ bacteria in your Gut causing bloating and pain.  As you eat less of these foods, your taste palate will actually change, and you will enjoy the taste of fresh whole food more.
  2. Your taste buds can’t compete with the hyper sweet tasting foods. So it is best to not start them, especially in the morning. Try it, take a drink of soda or super sweet yogurt and then take a bite of apple or broccoli. Chances are you won’t like the taste of the fresh whole fruit. Once you’ve stopped feeding the “bad” bacteria, focus on boosting the ‘healthy’ bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement or preferably eating prebiotic and probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefir, miso, kombucha, kimchi and fermented vegetables. These foods must come from the refrigerated section of your health food store.
  3. The next step is to eat more detoxifying vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, brussels sprouts, kale ... yes, the vegetables you make your kids eat. These help move the toxins out of the body in a natural way. As you start to bring healing to your gut/digestive system you begin healing the entire body.
  4. IT’S THE WATER! water helps cleanse and improve the function of every system. The current recommendation is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, you weigh 150 pounds, you will need to drink a minimum of 75 ounces of filtered water per day, providing you are not asked to restrict fluid intake for another reason.
  5. Finally, do your best to eat most of your meals at home. Cooking at home using whole food ingredients is making a comeback. There is nothing more powerful that you can do for your heath than to cook at home. Microwaves and packages don’t count. When you eat most of your food at home, you have better control over what you are putting in your mouth/body. For total body healing, this is powerful. 

Whatever eating plan you are using, incorporating these five steps will bring about more energy, better immunity and improved overall health

Would like to have a more vibrant and deserved life? Reach out to me for a fun, relaxed coaching session. 

-Discover what’s stopping you and keeping you from having the health/life you want.

-Identify lifestyle habits currently bringing you down and what to do about it.

-Develop a step-by-step plan to create a doable life for you. 

My passion is helping people through being stuck, feeling let down from not following thru on their health goals.

Working as a practitioner and coach, I see other healthcare professionals do not have time or the skills to help people stay encouraged to get lasting results for what is expected for their health.

It is easier to default to old “safe” habits even though they make you feel worse.”

Stop beating yourself up by making promises that sound good but do not last. 

Let’s Move That Mountain! One little push is all it takes.

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Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, CHC, Functional Health Coach
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Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie-Jo, a Dual certified nurse practitioner, Certified Life and  Functional Health Coach.  A master of habit change,  Getting to the root of the problem, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.

As a Health Coach I will not take the place of your medical professional. I work in collaboration with your current care plan and teach you how to maximize your health using whole-istic and normal methods, set attainable goals suggest tools to cope with setbacks, and support clients in the unmasking of the true meaning behind behaviors - unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. I firmly believes that change cannot occur without accountability and sustained motivation, thus the important role of a Health Coach.

 I've had 24 years in medicine and have taken a path that is best for those I serve. My mission is to Share my Passion and knowledge, strengths and experiences to connect people with their will to be well.

Its easier to stay well that to get well, I guide, advocate, teach and support you and our community the best way I know how and I keep learning an improving myself in order to be my best for others.

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