Takahata Talk

I made up a COVID-19 game today.  Just for me.  How fun to make up all the rules for such a fine new game during social distancing, and to play it whenever I please.  It is good to be me, I tell you!

I just came in from weeding.  So tired from too much sun while bending over my new 55’ garden bed for my giant Hosta Avocado plants.  Too much squatting down like a pitiful old tutu.  Next time, I may spray the weeds.  I use the word may because the sound of a deeply rooted dandelion weed being dug out gifts me with a small endorphin rush.  Is this normal?

Recently, Mark observed that my daily routine kept me too busy working, writing or studying.  “Too much thinking, mom.  Perhaps you could profit from meditation.”

I almost giggled out loud. 

One of the books that I am reading requires note taking just to make sure that my mind receives all the information correctly.  It is a demanding read for me.  The author, Sinclair B. Ferguson, teaches us to meditate on Scripture while simultaneously having fellowship with God.  All my senses are being trained by exercises in spiritual living, and in the process of this style of meditation, I discovered my stunning new game.

It’s called, The Most Beautiful Couple of the Moment!  And, Josh and Kitty will retain this title until someone new comes along to impress me spiritually.  Their exquisite testimony lives inside of me now!

They have given me treasured pieces of their humble heart for God...

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 4:52 PM, 07.06.2020