Look at what you can do!

Is it Time for a Game Changer?

If you are not winning your game, lets change the rules!

The most amazing part of what I do is seeing and believing in the dreams of my client, watching it unfold for them knowing that they can and will achieve their goal even though they said “I can’t, I will never, It’s Not possible, I’m failing” … I’ve heard it all.

 If your 2020 vision got blindfolded, I want to offer you some serious encouragement.

Look back at the last 2 months Have you thought you would ever go through a situation like this?  Ask yourself, 

  1. What areas of your life did you have to change, accommodate, stretch? 
  2. Where have you found the ability to make things work out no matter what?
  3. What changes in your personal daily routine did you make that went well?
  4. Where were you able to help someone else?

That’s the wonder of the human, we can do so much with technology, science, medicine and at the end of the day we are still HUMAN.

The amazing part of the people who can stick with their personal health goals is they are resilient and resourceful? 

People come to me so often and say they cannot change their habits no matter what!

Now I say to you, can you do whatever it is you put your mind to? 

Our success in life is grown through us, not given to us.

If you still have dreams and goals and just do not see how on this earth you can accomplish them alone, know this, you are not alone and we usually need support, steps and some accountability to get through whatever it is.

Give yourself credit, and permission to achieve your goals, be an inspiration to others who may not be handling times so well. 

If you are on your goal and success is going strong, I would love to hear about it, Also If you are still in the planning phase of getting going or started and something came up and you just can’t figure out how to get back on track, maybe you are stuck in a rut and need a tow truck to pull you out? If Yes, I really want to hear from you. 

I have had some serious pitfalls in my path and I appreciate everyone of them. 

After an enlightening experience in with a personal coach, I worked to became a coach myself and Now as a coach with a medical background, I am able to hold that space for you to accomplish the goals set by you, get to the why you get stuck and what is stopping you from following through with the plan to win your game.

As a local Health Professional and Functional Health Coach, I work with people seeking to understand their current health issues and actively participate in their care.  I am able to tap into their self-awareness, provide support, accountability, develop and follow action plans for healthier behaviors. I use an integrative wellness model, which incorporates evidence-based conventional medical care with complementary medicine, and lifestyle modification to achieve sought after wellness goals. 

I work with people from all over the globe, different lifestyles, variety of wants and needs in life. 

The one thing we all have in common is the desire to continually improve our health and relationships with food, family, workplace whatever it is, we want more and we want better.

Gain the courage to take charge of your Health and Wellness.

Text, call or email for your free easy, fun discussion session about your health goals and see if working with me as your coach is your next best step, if not that’s OK, you get a great discussion with some simple action steps. 

email or text questions about this or any of the comments I have posted.

Feedback is appreciated

I provide one-one or group sessions, workshops, as well as educational wellness talks for any size groups and company Lunch N Learns.

Give yourself the credit you deserve, Lets Change your Game to win!

Let’s Move That Mountain! One push is all it takes.

Natalie-Jo Flynn, CNP, Functional Health Coach



Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie-Jo, a Personal Transformational Health and wellness Coach.
A Health Coach is a master of habit change, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.

A Health Coach does not prescribe medicine or take the place of a medical professional, they are the motivators to push the client toward lasting results and lifestyle change using holistic and natural methods.

A Health Coach sets attainable goals for their clients, suggests alternative ways to cope with setbacks, and supports their clients in the unmasking of the true meaning behind behaviors - unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. A Health Coach firmly believes that change cannot occur without accountability and sustained motivation, thus the important role of a Health Coach.

 I've had 23 years in medicine and have taken a path that is best for those I serve. My mission is to Share my Passion and knowledge, strengths and experiences to connect people with their will to be well. Its easier to stay well that to get well, I guide, advocate, teach and support our community the best way I know how and I keep learning an improving myself in order to be my best for others.

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 11:49 AM, 06.07.2020