Lakeland Civic Association Cancels Spring Events

LCA regrettably will cancel or postpone its regular Spring events due to the continuing pandemic. The otherwise active neighborhood organization already had postponed its quarterly meeting which had been rescheduled for Thursday June 11. That meeting will not be held.

Quarterly gatherings of the group typically are attended by thirty or more of its most active members and interested neighbors. LCA President Kevin Jones has determined that the risk of attendance remains too high and that the COVID-19 pandemic prevents LCA from following its normal schedules.

The neighborhood's annual community Yard Sales also will be affected by current social distancing recommendations. Residents still are able to hold their own yard sales independently, of course, but the group will not advertise or promote them this year. Jones regrets the need to discontinue this popular event, and hopes that neighbors will wear masks at all times in public and will continue to observe social distancing.

In cooperation with the City and its police department, LCA may hold its traditional Independence Day Bicycle Parade on July 4, convening on Willow Avenue at 10:00AM. Confirmation or cancelation of the parade will be announced by emails and in a release in the June edition of the Observer.

Lakeland Civic Association regularly conducts communication among members and residents through its quarterly newsletters, press releases in this paper, in email notifications, and on its newly developed website. President Jones encourages residents to submit their email addresses so that they can share announcements and information more quickly and efficiently. LCA publishes in its newsletters President Jones's email address and other contact information.

If conditions allow, LCA hopes to hold a third annual neighborhood picnic in August. The event features food and activities for all ages, and has proven to be a very enjoyable gathering. If the picnic can be scheduled this year, the group will publish and distribute a special flyer announcing it. Mr Jones will contact LCA officers and active members who in past years generously have contributed their time to organizing the popular event.

The Lakeland Civic Association was formed in 1952. It serves residents in the western area of Euclid developed by F&S Homes. It holds several annual events, including its quartely meetings, bicycle parade, neighborhood yard sale, summer picnic, Santa Claus Tour, and Christmas party.

The LCA advocates for its residents' interests and represents them to City, County, and State governments. Full membership in the Association is a nominal $10.00 per year.

Kevin Jones

President, Lakeland Civic Association

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 11:49 AM, 06.07.2020