"Cut Corners? Yes. Cut Education? No." says this Euclid voter on a fixed income

Bernadette Walsh, Euclid Senior High Graduate/Class of '63

The forthcoming Euclid School Levy, Issue 27, has so many comments either “for” or “against” its passage. I wanted to take a moment to put forth my thoughts as to why I support the levy.  

I understand the limits of a fixed income all too well, but I also understand the limits of the future for students who do not receive a solid education. The choice is not a simple one. Heaven knows those of us with limited incomes have to cut corners daily, shop wisely and buy less.  But this is not about limited income, it is about limited education or no education at all.  

To instill in children the learning process, the appreciation for classroom activities, the desire to go to a new facility, to be a part of things is what our goals should now be. When we started the journey in 2016, that began with new school construction, the conversations around the “pros” and “cons” were loud and boisterous. Now, when we look around our community, we see centers of learning that all of us can be proud of, that makes our city stand out. 

Now, it is the time to make sure that what happens inside of those walls is equal to the outside beauty, that teachers have the tools to educate, that class sizes are appropriate and that courses leading to careers are available to all Euclid children. Not just paths to college, but courses that teach skills for daily productivity. We also need arts and sports to continue as avenues of teaching.

Perhaps my opinion differs from others because I took the time to volunteer at Euclid High School. I saw students who are good students, and that is because I went to the other side of the walls. I saw and I listened — something the naysayers should do for an awakening to the real importance of good education. So here I am willing, to cut corners but not education for these children. These young adults are the future. Cut corners? Yes. Cut education? No.

Vote FOR Issue 27 on March 17.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 5:25 PM, 03.09.2020