Why R.I.T.A. is the Right Choice for Euclid

Why R.I.T.A. is the Right Choice for Euclid

The essential role of any tax collection agency is to collect all taxes due so the City can provide services for its residents. Our current department does what they can, but they are understaffed, paper based, dependent upon manual processing, and lack up -to- date security, data and technologies.  Further, residents have very limited options when it comes to accessing their own tax information and filing. The Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) employs the most complete federal tax data available to identify non-filers and those that underreport their income. This helps ensure that all are paying their fair share. While the City will maintain a local presence to help residents, R.I.T.A also gives us the ability to view our information, file, and pay online.

R.I.T.A Provides More Options for Residents

Partnering with R.I.T.A. provides a greater range of services for our residents. Right now, if you have a question or would like some information, it is very likely that you will be asked to make a trip to City Hall. After joining R.I.T.A., you can still visit City Hall if you’d like, but a full array of service options would be available; not just at City Hall.  To start, R.I.T.A. provides a 24/7 voice response system for straight forward refund, estimate and payment information. You can speak with an agent during regular business hours which are extended beginning in March through the filing deadline. All agents take notes and all calls are recorded for quality, security, and continuity of service. Also, R.I.T.A has confirmed they will come to City Hall for “taxpayer assistance days” several times throughout the year. Lastly, R.I.T.A. makes it possible to view, file and pay your taxes online. This means you can complete your local income taxes from the comfort of your home any time of the day.

Better Information & Technology Leads to Better Results

Having the very best information is critical, because better information, aligned with advanced technologies leads to better results. Unfortunately, the Euclid Tax Department will never be able to access the most comprehensive data or afford the necessary technology upgrades. Euclid only has access to the State of Ohio “state tape”. The “state tape” only provides the name, address and social security number of a person that has a filed a tax return with Ohio- that is it. By contrast, R.I.T.A. uses the “federal tape”. This data also has name, address and social security, but most importantly also includes W2s, 1099s, line by line data from Federal 1040s, and ALL accompanying forms and schedules. R.I.T.A uses the “federal tape” to identify non-filers and those who have filed a tax return but have under-reported their income to a municipality. Identifying those not in compliance leads to more collections and improved City budgets. There is no data available to Euclid Tax Department that is not available to R.I.T.A, but there is a wealth of data that only R.I.T.A can access. R.I.T.A has a proven track record of using that information to find those that haven’t paid their taxes.


Finally, let’s briefly touch on the security of your personal information. R.I.T.A. uses industry best practices and a document imaging system with the most sophisticated encryption technologies to safeguard your personal information. Conversely, because our current system is paper based, after your return is manually entered into the system, the paper returns that contain your personal information are put into boxes and placed in the basement of City Hall. By any standard this is not safe or secure.


This November 5th voters have a chance to modernize our tax collection process. Joining R.I.T.A. not only gives our residents more options, but R.I.T.A.’s proven track record should lead to more efficient tax collection and improve our City’s budget. Improving the budget means more services for our residents. Vote YES to join the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A)


Euclid Citizens for R.I.T.A.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:46 AM, 10.06.2019