Want to Learn Martial Arts

"I want to learn martial arts."

I have heard a lot of people say that. When I tell them I am an instructor, they ask, "Which art?"

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about martial arts training, and some people will choose not to train in a style because it's not art they are familiar with. So, they don't try.

Filipino Jiu-Jitsu or as I like to call it, Street JIu-Jitsu, is well suited for men, women, and children (ages 9 and up) because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential. Instead, we build upon the fundamental principles of leverage and control.

Our Street Jiu-Jitsu curriculum is not a new system or style, it is a modern approach towards practical street self-defense that even the US Army and the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) uses. This unique fighting method combines the principles, concepts, and techniques of Panantukan (Filipino "dirty" boxing) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Only the core techniques have been taken from theses combative arts and organized into an easy to learn curriculum that can benefit the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner.

In addition to learning effective self-defense, our Street Jiu-Jitsu curriculum also provides the student with the means to improve their physical fitness, awareness, flexibility, and self-confidence. Filipino Martial Arts represent the most well-rounded and practical fighting techniques in the world. Combining the best of many styles into a blended system that gives our students the advantage they need to protect themselves in virtually any situation.

So your first impression shouldn't be to judge a book by its cover but to turn the page and see what the next chapter holds for you and give Filipino Martial Arts a try.

Sifu/Guru Willaim

Filipino Martial Arts-TLCXFS, LLC

Shore Cultural Centre

291 East 222nd Street, room 214

Phone:(216) 410-7060

william solnosky

I work for the City of Euclid, and I am a 2nd degree black belt in the Filipino Martial Arts in the Kali/Kuntao curriculum. I am the instructor at the Shore Cultural Centre, where i teach the Filipino Martial Arts. We offer empty hand and weapon training.

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