The Peoples Perspective

As a current resident and as an American citizen, I wish to aid in making  Euclid great again.

My first idea here, and it’s a very simple one, an I hope all Euclidians will support.

First and foremost I would like our City Government as well as the School Board  to be a open and transparent operation. I would recommend an open checkbook, where citizens could actual see and participate in all of the City and School Boards revenue and expenditures. As concerned citizens we have a duty to participate and understand. Can we not designate a place on the School Boards and the City of  Euclid web sites where citizens can see for themselves where and what our tax dollars are being spent for and on.  It is my understanding (for example) that the city of Euclid is in financial hardship. Are we?

My example of this is that in the past November ballot, our city ask for a special road tax to repair some roads. Why because we have  not budgeted  for roads in a long time. You the people voted NO to this extra road tax, and rightfully so.

Over 15,000 people voted in our November elections, that is over a 150% increase over 2016 and that being a Presidential election, soI thank all who voted against and for. 

I would like to wish all health, happiness  and prosperity for 2019 and beyond.

It is my hope to bring about a Fair, Just and Transparency to the Euclid School Board and the City of Euclid. I ask all the citizens of Euclid to participate and voice your opinions in the open forum discussions held by our City in the City Hall building every first and third Mondays beginning at 7 pm.

With that I conclude and wish all a HAPPY NEW YEAR ……

joe oreilley

Joseph O;Reilley

Citizen of Euclid since 2013

National Crime Prevention Council (Member)

Join me in takeing a bite out of crime

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Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 5:14 PM, 01.08.2019