SilverSneakers at Euclid Senior Center - October News and Events

It’s time to Fall into gear.  Get well and stay well through another Northeast Ohio Winter. Join your neighbors and friends at the with SilverSneakers at the Euclid Senior Center. There are a variety of fun activities to keep you warm and happy during the long and winter season. From group fitness to fun events you can do with your friends and loved ones. Become a Euclid SilverSneaker and start having fun TODAY! 

Time to Winterize your Body. Here are some simply, fun ways to stay well this winter:

Get a Flu Shot.  A simple shot can not only protect you and others from the dreaded influenza viruses this flu season. According to Bloomberg, the flu and pneumonia were responsible for 1 and 10 deaths in the 1st quarter of 2018.  If you are over 65, ask your pharmacist or doctor for the Senior Flu Shot and while you’re at it, get your pneumonia vaccine.  Research shows that a simple flu shot can reduce heart attacks and strokes by 36% within the next year than those who weren’t vaccinated. Plus, flu shots are available free at CVS and Walgreens with most insurance plans.

Take Your Vitamins.  One vitamin supplement you may want to consider is Vitamin D & Vitamin D3.  Essential for strong bones, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to sunlight. It helps the body absorb calcium, which is for strength and health. As the Vitamin D Council explains, without vitamin D, our bodies may lose bone tissue, leading to bone pain, muscle weakness and possible skeletal deformity. Check with your doctor to before adding Vitamin D or D3 to your diet.  It could help you keep moving this winter.

Avoid the “Winter Blues”.  Seniors and caregivers often face an increasing sense of isolation. Keep touch with friends and family members during the colder months. Make appointments to meet for coffee, take a bundled-up walk, or set aside time for a longer phone call with friends on a regular basis. Take special care of others you know who are primarily homebound, and may be feeling lonely or in need of help running errands. The Euclid Senior Center and the YMCA have lots of ways to keep you fill your social calendar and keep you happy and connected during gray days ahead.

Winterize Your Home.  More than 600 older adults died year from hypothermia.  Make sure your insulating your home properly and keep your thermostat at 68 degrees.  If you are concerned about the additional cost to keep your home warm, call your utilities provider to ask about assistance programs that may be available to help keep your home warm and comfortable.  In addition, make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector.  

Step Up Your Activity Level. Add one additional day of exercise each week. This will help you stay ahead the extra calories we consume and improve our mood and overall wellbeing in the colder months ahead. See the YMCA Group Exercise Schedule to try a new group exercise class.  Our certified instructors are trained to adjust classes to meet all fitness levels.  For more information, call Mike or June at 216-409-2520 to get started today! 

Here’s a schedule of classes for October/November 2018:

Monday: 8:30 Line Dancing Beginner; 9:00 Line Dancing Advacned; 10:00 Fitness Over 50; @;30 Zumba Gold

Tuesday: 9:00 SilverSneakers Classic; 10:00 SilverSneakers Circuit

Wednesday: 9:00 Fitness Over 50; 10:00 SilverSneakers Classic

Thursday: 10:00 SilverSneakers Cardio & Gentle Stretch

Friday:9:00 SilverSneakers Classic; 10:00 Fitness Over 50

SILVERSNEAKERS FALL HARVEST POT LUCK Tuesday, October 9th 11:00am to 12:30pm

Join us for our 2nd Plant-based Bruncheon. Bring your favorite meatless dish to share.  Our last Meat Free. Bruncheon was a big success: even the neighborhood cows, pigs and chickens agreed.

THE MAYOR’S 50 LAP CHALLENGE Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail’s 50 Lap Challenge kick-off on September 12 with a small herd of YMCA SilverSneaker participants hoofing it around the Senior Center Park path.  Progress will be kept and posted by name on an official tracking board located inside the Euclid Senior Center.  Participants will have until November 5th to meet the challenge.



Larry Griffin

Larry Griffin is the Interim Executive Director for the Euclid YMCA. He has served in the role since mid November 2017. Although, the Y building closed in May of this year, the YMCA volunteers and staff are still working hard to provide programs in community spaces. Thank you for the opportunity to get the message out to Euclid residents.

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