Verbal Agreements

Verbal agreements and oral representations made during negotiations for an agreement, when later reduced to writing, are unenforceable!  Under the law, when the agreement of the parties is later reduced to writing and verbal agreements and/or representations are not contained in the original written agreement, such omitted terms are NOT ENFORCEABLE!  The Parol Evidence Rule, a rule of common law in most jurisdictions, excludes representations made prior to the written contract, and which terms were not included in the written agreement.

While other jurisdictions have construed the laws of Parole Evidence similarly, as a basic principle of law and equity, the Ohio Supreme Court has held: “The Parol Evidence Rule was developed centuries ago to protect the integrity of written contracts.”  When two parties have made a contract, and have expressed it in a writing to which they have both agreed as the complete and accurate integration of that contact, evidence of prior understandings and negotiations will not be admitted for the purpose of varying or contradicting the writing. 

A written agreement is conclusively presumed to represent the entire agreement of the parties.  One exception exists where the entire agreement of the parties has not been reduced to writing.  In such case, other terms that were agreed upon may be heard by the Court, provided they do not contradict any of the written terms.  Another exception exists when fraud is alleged by either party.  Where verbal agreements also disclose the existence of a mutual mistake, these may be sufficient to deny a valid written contract.

Prudent business practices require that contracts in writing be signed only after fully encompassing all of the terms discussed and agreed upon.  By addressing  all of the potential future possibilities, or “what ifs?”, one may eliminate claims that frequently arise in personal and business transactions. Stated simply, in the words of one English humorist: “Oral agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re not written on!”




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