Not Sure What to do with those Pesky Fall Leaves? Give Composting a Try.

As the city’s fall leaf collection pickup is upon us, instead of raking those leaves to the curb, why not give composting a try.  Leaves and other organic waste are an excellent addition to your home compost pile or bin.  To compost your leaves put them in a composting bin or pile in your yard.  If you are able to shred your leaves it will allow them to breakdown faster.  For even faster breakdown of leaves try adding organic waste such as kitchen vegetables or garden/lawn clippings to your pile.  By adding one part grass clippings or other green organic matter, for example kitchen vegetable scraps, to two parts leaves or other brown matter.  The process for materials to breakdown can take about 6 to 24 months for the earthworms, inspects, and microorganisms to breakdown the material.

Continue to add new materials to the top of the pile and occasionally turn with a pitchfork.  Compost at the bottom of the pile or bin will finish first.  Once you have useable compost you can use it to fertilize your yard or garden.  If you find that composting is not your thing and you find yourself putting those pesky leaves on the curb for city pickup remember to wait to put them out until after rainy or windy weather has passed so they do not end up in our creeks and streams or blocking storm water flow to catch basins. 

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Volume 8, Issue 11, Posted 1:17 PM, 11.03.2017