No More Taxes!

Once again, Euclid City Schools are coming to the declining tax base for more money.  Since 2009 they have come to the tax payers 3 times; that's every 2.33 years.  In 2009 a 28 yr. bond levy for building 4 new elementary schools, in 2011 an operating levy for approx. 8 years and now a whopping 7.9 mil strapping the "tapped out" tax base for another 37 years!  Enough already! The Euclid schools receive approximately 70% of our tax money which equates to approx. 42 million per year and the city receives approx. 26 million per year. If the city gets 40% support and the schools 60% than how is a school system going to succeed in a weak city?  I have never heard of such a thing.  Our property values have declined 34% since 2009, our rental population is a mind-blowing 60% which makes transiency high, and the state report cards show Euclid from 2009 with 5 indicators of 30 met to 2016 with .9 of 30 indicators met and approximately 67% graduation rate.  The bottom line is new buildings do not increase student performance as we see with the declining state grades.  A recent plea from the Senior Program asked for money to help feed the senior population through the end of the year, but building schools with no measurable outcomes or guarantee of return on a 37 year investment is more important than feeding our seniors??? Not to me.  Our city must stabilize neighborhoods, the BOE must work collaboratively with the city, and the BOE must do more to develop strong community relations and respect before I will vote for another school levy.  The idea is great, but not now. The "tapped out" taxpayers in this city, simply cannot afford another dime!  Just Say No to issue 111 in November!

Sandra Webber

Sandra Webber, Euclid Resident since 1994.

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Volume 7, Issue 10, Posted 7:46 PM, 10.03.2016