A new chapter

I felt moved to write about a resident of our city and her amazing journey. That journey added another chapter on June 25, 2016. Two individuals married that day becoming husband and wife. The story begins when the bride (I will use the initial of her first name Y to identify her). Y was adopted at the age of three and half by two residents of Euclid coming to the United States from El Salvador. Working thru a myraid of medical issues, learning to speak english an assimulating into the family came quickly. She begins her early school carreer and participates in the typical activities of youth. She experience a divorce and remarriages of both adoptive parents. Adversities and challenges are met in all aspects of her life. Graduating from Euclid High School with a talent in art leads to receiving her bachelors of arts degree from Ohio University. Her drive and determination leads her to her masters degree in art therapy and counseling. Y is a giving, kind and compassionate person. Her current work allows her to give a piece back a "pay it forward" so to speak of all she has experienced. Y works with children that need a person to listen and provide some love an understanding in a troubled life. Y has always put others first and is wise beyound her years.

Over the years I have seen this remarkable woman grow never asking for or expressing an attitude of entitlement.She works diligently with a focus on accomplishing the goals she has set. I am fortunate to have been blessed with her being in my life for her strength and determination has had an impact on my life and the life of others.

Saturday June 25, 2016 was her day. A family friend provided a beautiful setting for the wedding offering their Euclid lake side home which was a picture perfect setting. Family and freinds gathered to celebrate the joyous occasion. As the ceremony began and the bride being walked down the aisle the Goodyear blimp appears over the lake perhaps a sign for a "goodyear".

Y beamed as she and her new husband recited their vows, and ended with being presented as husband and wife. This was her day and as always she showed her compassion, love and kindness to all that were there. I am as I am sure others there are happy for her and wish her the very best. Stay true to yourself and remeber this day. Her life journey has impacted her and so many others, and knowing her she will continue to do so. Many blessing and much love.


Michael Prokop

Michael Prokop

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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 12:28 PM, 07.10.2016