Amendment Articles by Students

How nice to see so many Euclid High students write their observations about the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to our U.S. Constitution in October's issue of the Observer. They wrote with clarity of purpose as they discussed Search and Seizure and the rights of people who have been accused of commiting crimes. These amendments to the Constutution, along with all the others, are important for teens to learn as they mature and become voting members of society.

We all have rights, and thankfully we live in a free society. Teens should be aware that handling themselves correctly will result in more favorable outcomes. The law is there to protect us and fighting it, especially with a police officer, is no way to achieve justice. One teen observed in the article, "As I grow older, as my responsibilites expand, this becomes more and more apparent to me." Hooray for these teens who understand the importance of respecting our officers of the law who leave their families every day in order to serve our residents and keep us safe from harm.

Rebecca McFarland

Marketing Manager for the Euclid Public Library

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Volume 6, Issue 11, Posted 11:44 AM, 11.25.2015