Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail

1. What do you see as the two greatest strengths of Euclid?

Our Lakefront and Residents who care and are involved in our community.

2. What do you see as the two greatest weaknesses of Euclid?

Aging Infrastructure and the Community Image/ perception of Euclid.   

3. What can you do as Mayor to help the Board of Education strengthen our schools? 

The success of the City and Euclid Schools are intricately linked.  We need to work as partners to strengthen our community and our school system.  As Mayor, I will meet regularly with the Superintendent and the School Board.  I will advocate for changes in school funding at the state level to decrease dependence on local tax dollars.  I will work to build strong neighborhoods and a new vision for Euclid, so that we can attract and retain families with children to stay in Euclid.  Doing our part to improve the city overall should lead to less transiency in the schools.  I will also work collaboratively with the Schools and local businesses to make sure we are developing partnership to create jobs and provide education our young residents need to succeed as our future workforce.

4. What plans do you have to strengthen the business environment in Euclid? I will make regular personal visits to our businesses, hold Business Round Table discussion, and institute a regular newsletter to businesses, real estate brokers, and economic development organizations.  I will partner with County and Statewide economic development agencies to provide incentives to support new/ expanding businesses.  I will work to improve our City processes to ensure Euclid is an easy place to start/expand a business.  I will also work with the Chamber of Commerce to develop a business improvement districts and support small business growth and development.  Providing quality customer service and responsiveness to businesses as well as residents will help strengthen our business environment as well. 

5. Are you current on all real estate and city income tax responsibilities?  Yes

6. What financial answer do you have to guarantee the future of Shore Cultural Centre?

Shore Cultural Centre is an asset to our community and is an important part of improving our vibrancy as a City.  I will continue to develop the private/public partnership in place, work to seek grants and corporate funding to improve the building, and work cooperatively to ensure success.  I will support additional community programs and opportunities at Shore to engage the community and provide opportunities to build a stronger sense of community.  More involvement and more activities will translate into greater community support from the residents and users of Shore Cultural Centre. 

7. What are your plans to strengthen the recreation programs?

The City cannot do this alone.  We will partner with the Euclid Schools, YMCA and community partners to provide quality programming and improved customer service to our residents.  Euclid is fortunate to have volunteer groups like Euclid Boys League, Euclid Youth Soccer, Euclid Hockey, Panther Swim Team, etc. that help to provide quality programming in Euclid.  I will work to improve those relationships, support their efforts, improve facilities, explore new program offerings based on resident wishes, and expand opportunities for all ages.  Euclid is fortunate to have many parks and recreation amenities but we need to make general maintenance and cleanliness a priority.  Partnerships and community involvement is a critical component of strengthening our programs.

8. How will you address the aging facilities such as pools and tennis courts? 

We need to develop a long term plan of needs and take steps each year to upgrade and maintain our facilities.  I will also seek sponsorships, partnerships and grant funding to supplement our City funding to ensure our facilities are the best they can be.

9. What will be your top two priorities when elected?

Complete Phase 2 of the Lakefront Revitalization Plan and create a new Vision/Master Plan for a Vibrant Euclid. 

10. How do you plan to pay for them?

Phase 2 of the Lakefront Plan will be paid for by a variety of sources including but not limited to funds from our Tax Increment Finance zone, multiple State grant funds, and hopefully County Casino funds (as recently introduced).  We will continue to work with our consultants to identify and seek new funding sources to ensure Phase 2 can be built.  I will seek a combination of grants, corporate sponsors, and city funds to compete the Visioning/Master Plan process.   

John Copic


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