Leveraging Technology to Think Like a Big Business


Flatlined Sales and Operations Consulting is a consulting company founded in Euclid, by a life long Euclid resident looking to help local businesses not only sustain, but also grow their business.  Flatlined was founded on the principal of partnering with local entrepreneurs to take their passions and apply business strategies to grow sales.  We specialize in leveraging cost effective technologies to capture and analyze each transaction in order to grow sales and reduce costs.

Even in 2015 many businesses both large and small struggle to effectively leverage technology to collect and manipulate data to grow their sales and profitability.  Small businesses often don’t realize the ability to implement technology improvements within a constrained budget and the effectiveness of doing so. By utilizing products such as Microsoft Office’s Excel, Word, and Access small businesses can effectively capture transactional data such as sales orders, purchasing activities, and inventory movements to analyze and improve marketing efforts, inventory turns, and cash flow.

Capturing and collecting data at the time of a sales transaction is a great way to be better understand your customers and effectively market towards their needs. By collecting each transaction and storing it in a database you have to ability to develop channel marketing efforts, rewards programs, and email campaigns to generate more customer awareness and decrease your customer attrition rate. You also have the ability to analyze your order statistics such as average order size, average line values, and other order statistics to target customer penetration in order to grow your business organically.

Supply chain activities are often an overlooked aspect of small businesses and understanding optimal stock levels, loss prevention, and controlling damaged goods largely improves cash flow if acted on correctly.  By evaluating your purchases you can better leverage your spending power and supplier lead times to shop around for better costs and minimize stock outs on your best moving products.

Databases and spreadsheets can be a great cost effective resource for small businesses to manage both sales and supply chain transactions effectively, but can extend beyond that into a holistic approach to business as well.  Programs can be implemented to manage many other aspects of your business such as project management, product marketing, expense management, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Flatlined Sales and Operations Consulting is now offering a free course to local businesses to teach the basics uses of Microsoft Office applications in the business world.  Please feel free to contact at FlatlinedSales@gmail.com or visit FlatlinedSales.com to receive more information.

Flatlined Sales and Operations Consulting offers sales strategies and technology solutions guaranteed to provide sales growth and cost reduction for small businesses around the city.

David Robinson

Founder of Flatlined Sales and Operations Consulting which specializes in helping small to mid size businesses improve their processes in order to grow sales and increase profitability.


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Volume 6, Issue 6, Posted 1:15 PM, 05.31.2015