No, I am not my hair!

As children growing up we are taught that our hair is our crown and glory, but it seems that in this era of life, the teachings of that time are slowly evolving into non-existence. The idea that life should be so consumed with the outer impression that the inner-being is lacking in a sense of self-development.

Being in the Cosmology Industry for twenty years, I have stood behind many chairs and listened to stories of mental abuse, starting at childhood. With parents using hot combs and chemicals on their children's beautiful tightly coiled hair; because they feel it's too "nappy" for the society we live in. Everything starts with learned behaviors. Parents not knowing the physiological effects caused by a generational curse of low self-esteem. No, I am not my hair!!!

As a child I asked to have my hair locked but was told "people will stereotype you by the style of your hair." Over the years I have been bald, blonde, kinky, even straight. Using styles as expressions in that moment of my life. A representation of one's self, not living in a mind-set of justification and seeking acceptance.

We have beautiful multicultural arrays of colors and textures that enhance this era of life we are in. No, I am not my hair!!! With people in a mental states where priorities have become shifted into false illusions, intertwined with an illusionary world of make-believe; while so many are receiving government assistance and putting hair on a layaway plan, at the same time not understanding the term "welfare reform." Even after the addition of 36 inches of someone else's Brazilian hair. No I am not my hair!!!

Is this the image that we want to present to the next generation who are still developing character and esteem, which needs building of strong will and integrity? No, I am not my hair!!!....... Are you?

My look, my appearance, doesn't define who I am. Why allow it to define who you are? Find your own stage, and do you, be you, feel beautiful. No I am not my hair!!!                                

Tiyana Miller is the owner of Alwaysbeautiful hair salon at 323 East 200th Street and a former educator at Euclid Beauty College.

Tiyana Miller

Tiyana Miller owner of Alwaysbeautiful hair salon 323 east 200th Euclid Ohio. Former educator at Euclid beauty college five years of service.

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 9:41 PM, 02.07.2014