East Shore Garden Flower Show breaks all the rules

Festive table setting sets the tone.

The East Shore Garden Club held its annual Non-Standard Flower Show at the Euclid Public Library last month. This flower show is held every September, and this year’s show was a success. But this was a non-standard show. To understand what a non-standard show it, you need to know what we do during a standard show.

A standard show has a horticulture division, a design division, two or more special exhibits, as well as a printed schedule of the displays; each of these groups comes with its own rules. Additionally, accredited judges apply a standard system of judging and awarding. Because it could take at least a year of planning to pull off a good standard flower show, we don’t hold an annual standard show; we have an annual non-standard show, breaking many standard rules along the way.

This year we had a horticulture display and two special exhibits, an educational display and a table setting display; there was no judging. We also had indoor and outdoor plants for sale.

To establish our horticultural display members bring a flower, vegetable, or a shrub or tree branch from their garden (or their neighbor’s garden, which is against standard rules) for display at the show. Members can bring more than one item but only one item per vase. Members will identify each item is identified by its common name, not necessarily by its botanical name as required in a standard show. Some members insist on using their own small vases, which is against the rules as well.

The themes of our educational exhibits were Recycling and Container Gardening. We are really pushing recycling, as we have used the recycling display for several years now.

There were four table setting displays, each beautiful.

We wanted our show to be non-stressful, fun and educational for the exhibitors and patrons, with the intention of simply educating the public on growing things. One patron viewing a tall white aster didn’t realize it was a flower. She thought it was a weed and pulled them out of her garden. Another patron knew an item could be recycled but didn’t know where to take it. People came and learned making this show a complete success!

Guests and new members are always welcome to attend our programs. We meet at the Euclid Public Library on the second Tuesday of the month. Our business meeting is usually first at 10:15 a.m. followed by a program at 11 a.m., and then refreshments. But then again, sometime the refreshments come before the program; we’re very flexible. Dues are only $10 a year and include membership in Garden Club of Ohio. So why not expand your social circle and join our friendly group. And no, you do not need a “green” thumb!

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Volume 1, Issue 7, Posted 3:24 PM, 10.19.2010