My Adventures Delivering the Euclid Observers

Since the first publication of the Euclid Observer, it has been my pleasure to help my father John Copic spread the happy news to my hometown. Besides moral support, I also help dad with stories, taking pictures, making ads, and delivering the paper. Our delivery method is still a work in progress, but always a fun adventure every month. Here are a few highlights of my adventures over the past few issues.

It’s midday on East185th Street and the truck has arrived full with 10,000 papers hot, off the presses that spent all night printing them. I load up the back seat of my car with 20+ bundles of papers, and make sure my iced coffee is nice and full before I hit the road. My first stop is Euclid High School, where after I drop off a bunch in the main office, I’m instinctively drawn to the band room where I spent most of my high school time as a 4-year member of flag corps. To my pleasure Diane Tizzano is still there, and working on the band’s new show for the fall. After a quick hello, I’m off again.

My next stop is the library, where two cute girls with their practice flags from band camp, were super adorable as they held the door open for me since my hands were full of a couple bundles of papers. Thanks again Euclid High School flag corps girls!

After a few more stops up East 222nd Street, I end up walking the halls of the Shore Cultural Centre to drop off at a couple places there. The visit brings back memories of my brother’s band in high school, 32floz, playing their first concert there. And then I remember that when I was even younger, my mom rented a classroom once a month so we could all play and trade Magic: The Gathering cards. I’m so pleased to see all the amazingly diverse things going on there now, and how they have brought that building back to life. If you haven’t been there recently, you’re missing out on everything from a farmers market, to basketball and yoga, to awesome homemade beauty products.

During deliveries I also get the chance to do a lot of multitasking, like grabbing a sandwich when I stop at Papa Joes, dropping off a few shirts at JayDee cleaners, and picking up a bottle of white wine or Red Stripes from McBill’s beverage. To finish off a long day of delivering papers, my last stop is usually Gostilna’s on East200th for a meatloaf dinner and a beer. I still think my meatloaf recipe is the best, but theirs comes in a respectable second place.

Thanks to everyone in Euclid who help make this paper so special, and making the delivery of it such an adventure. Keep the happy news coming, and we’ll be happy to keep getting it out there for you.

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Volume 1, Issue 7, Posted 7:25 AM, 09.17.2010