I Will Do My Little Bit

          “I will do my little bit,” – Jane Goodall

                       Article by Deb Kramarz

         If nature heals, I began to wonder if sharing NATURE POERTY could help. Such as –

                          TIME TO PLANT TREES

Time to plant trees is when you’re young

So you will have them to walk among –

So, aging, you can walk in shade

That you and time together made.

-       James Hayford

The tree is the mystery,

Its roots knotted

as surely as love.      

-       Jane Yolen

So far, modern scientists have not invented any technology better than trees for removing CO2 from the air.

The following poem reminds me of our local seasonal weather, despite climate change.

                           A CRACK IN THE CLOUDS


How could

                                  one slight


                                  just a tiny bit

                                  of a crack

                                  in the cover

                                  of clouds,


                                  such a pouring of sun

                                  that engulfs


-       Constance Levy

If everyone, each individual, becomes engaged, EARTH DAY can be every day.

Since the last frost well be over soon, I’ll share this recipe, too.


                          HOW TO BAKE A FLOWER


Stir seeds into well-drained soil.

         Fold in half-cup live worms.

         Sprinkle in occasional rain

         until green shoots appear.


         Blend in sun mixed with shade

         Add a dash of moonlight.

         Simmer on low four to six weeks

         in the unhurried oven of summer.

         When the air starts smelling sweet

         it’s ready to be served – almost.

         Swirl in butterflies.

         Whip in bees.

-       Ralph Fletcher

I don’t know if this and future pandemics or climate change weights heavier on my mind.  The scientists are saying time is running out for the future of the plant. I feel as Jane Goodall says, “I will do my little bit, to try to save the world.

         FOR SALE FOR PLANTING:  Catalpa Tree-Bucket Kits

         Contact: Deborah Kramarz at 216-731-6324 or 


         Payments go to Gardeners of Greater Cleveland’s

         Scholarship Fund for Horticultural Students

Deborah Kramarz


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