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Euclid Panther Home Days

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We would like to thank the Euclid Recreation Department, Euclid Observer, Dave Carlson Nationwide Insurance, Eaton Family Credit Union, Euclid Schools Human Resources Department, Euclid Family Sports, Premier Designs, Mary Kay, Euclid High School Girls Basketball Program, Shore Cultural Center, Britton Smith Peters & Kalail CO., L.P.A., Metropolitan Vending, Renhill Group, and Cuyahoga County Board of Health for the their support of Euclid Panther Home Days! 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:28 AM, 10.16.2014

The Responsible Approach to the Water Treatment Project

In 2007, the City of Euclid began long term upgrades to the wastewater treatment system that serves Euclid, Wickliffe, Willowick and portions of Richmond Heights, Willoughby Hills, Highland Heights and South Euclid.  An agreement, a consent decree, was approved by the United States EPA, the State of Ohio and the federal court in Cleveland and requires Euclid and its satellite communities to improve the way combined sanitary and storm flows are treated before being discharged into Euclid Creek and Lake Erie.  The goal of the projects, to be completed by 2025, is to improve water quality in the lake and requires improvements at the treatment plant as well as in the collection system.  The planned improvements incorporate the latest treatment processes and the use of methods to capture storm water in sustainable and cost efficient ways that keep customer rates at the lowest possible levels.

Recently, a national engineering firm was invited by Council members to talk about methods for removing storm water from the treatment process.   I want to share with you some of the projects that have been undertaken by public and private entities under City review and supervision to address storm water management.  Green infrastructure has been an integral part of the City of Euclid’s Storm Water Program. We have partnered with private entities such as Lincoln Electric and University Hospitals, public entities such as the Euclid Schools and many others in the city utilizing the Cuyahoga County Soil and Water group to develop green infrastructure in their construction and expansion plans.   I am sure they would not characterize their efforts in green infrastructure as insignificant.   These projects, and the many more to come, will decrease the storm flow that is being sent to the treatment plant for processing.  Combining green projects with the collection system and plant improvements and by using the latest technology, the City will meet its deadline under the consent decree in a way that keeps our sewer rates significantly below those of many neighboring systems.   The City has undertaken its’ planning with the assistance of professionals in the field of engineering, construction, systems design, legal services and accounting.  Aggressive cost control has been achieved with assistance from our partners, and the efforts have led to the successful pursuit of federal grants and low interest loans.  To date, the City has secured $13,467,400 in grants and $2,694,700 in no-interest loans.  

As Mayor, I will continue to work with my administration and partners to find solutions that will protect our great resource, Lake Erie, and the health for all using its waters for daily living and recreation.  I will look at new methods, green and otherwise, that are proven to work for the long term and in a manner that is responsible to the residents and businesses that depend on the wastewater system and pay for its cost of operation.   I cannot allow our efforts to be derailed and jeopardize millions in savings to our rate payers that would result from delaying the projects already planned.  That would be irresponsible and foolish, to say the least.  The Administration will keep our system users informed regarding the specific projects as they are planned and ready to implement.  In addition, periodic public updates will be available through meetings and on-line sources.

Mayor Bill Cervenik

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:22 AM, 10.16.2014

From the desk of Mayor Bill Cervenik

The Waste Water Treatment Plant project is underway and will consist of several phases of work over the next four years. The outcome of the project, which is a part of our U.S. EPA consent decree, will reduce the amount of sanitary overflow into Lake Erie during wet weather.  You may notice large equipment coming in and out of the Lakeshore Blvd. area near the treatment plant. Next year, a lot more activity will be occurring on the property with the installation of a new headworks building and equalization tanks. Kokosing Construction is the Construction Manager for the City of Euclid during all of our Waste Water construction.Kokosing installed temporary orange and brown trailers that are currently located at the old Alexander’s Restaurant property. A Construction Concerns Hotline has been established at 216-645-8438. If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to call the hotline

The bright colors of the fall leaves are picturesque and heartwarming this time of the year. Unfortunately, as the weeks go by the beautiful leaves will eventually fall to the ground.  Curbside leaf pickup will begin soon and is scheduled for the same day as your garbage collection. Please rake your leaves to the tree lawn, not into the street. Wet weather conditions and equipment problems slow down the collection process and can delay the schedule. Check the homepage of our website at or call the Service Department at 216-289-2800 to see if the leaf collection is on schedule.  

I wish you a happy fall season and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.

Your Mayor

Bill Cervenik

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:27 AM, 10.16.2014

The Spirit of Collaboration: Lake Erie College Partners With Euclid City Schools

Larry Hopgood shares with press conference attendees his experience with dual enrollment thus far.
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CLEVELAND-- Students at Euclid High School are breaking new ground this coming school year as they embark on a more rigorous, collegiate curriculum.  In phase one of our partnership with Lake Erie College, this year’s participants have enrolled in dual-enrollment classes that will enable them to earn over 2,100 credit hours towards their college degree. These courses are also tied to the Transfer Articulation Agreement (TAG) courses offered within the Ohio public colleges and universities, thereby offering ease of transfer.  Course offerings include art, science, English, history, mathematics, theater, political science, and humanities. The partnership will be serving both students seeking advanced course work and students probing the possibility of higher education.

All classes are components of the Lake Erie College general education curriculum and will be contained within the walls of Euclid High School, taught by Euclid faculty. The partnership was designed to enhance the educational opportunities to Euclid students ranging from the elementary level to middle school and high school levels.  The partnership will be mutually beneficial to both institutions, as it will better serve our students, both currently while in high school and in the future as they enter higher education. It will also continue our commitment to producing college-ready young adults.

As the partnership evolves, it is anticipated the number of courses offered will increase, not only within the high school program, but in the community. In phase two, the partnership will provide opportunity for professional development for teachers interested in pursuing a master’s degree in education and continuing education and career development for the other community residents. Lake Erie College and Euclid City Schools are excited to be working together. Both view this collaboration as an example of how both K-12 and higher education can increase access to higher education and degree completion.

For more information contact Lake Erie College Director of Public Relations and Creative Services, Ruta Geiner 440.375.7224 or Euclid City Schools Marketing and Public Relations Specialist, Audrey Holtzman 216.797.2984. 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:28 AM, 10.16.2014

Fathers' Walk Their Children To School Day

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Dads, dads, and more dads! On September 18, Fathers' of Arbor, Bluestone, Chardon Hills and Shoreview students spent the morning with their children as they participated in "Fathers' Walk Their Children To School Day."  Fathers' even got to have breakfast at school with their children.  Thanks to all of our great Euclid Fathers! 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:21 AM, 10.16.2014

Volley For The Cure

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The Euclid High School Volleyball program hosted "Volley For the Cure" to raise money for breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen® Northeast Ohio organization. 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:21 AM, 10.16.2014

$9,000 Or A 3-Year Lease Could Be Yours!

This car could be yours!

The Euclid Athletic Boosters and Rick Case Honda have partnered to raffle off a 3-year/ 12,00 mile per year lease on a 2014 Honda Accord or a $9,000 cash prize! Additional chances to win include; a second prize of $1,000, third prize of $500, fourth prize of $250, and 5th prize of $100.  There are only 1,000 tickets, get yours today! Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased at the Board of Education, Euclid High School, and all Euclid High School student-athletes! 

The drawing will be held on October 10, 2014 at the homecoming football game! 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:21 AM, 10.16.2014

Euclid Businesses Learn to “Grategize”

Motivational speaker Lisa Ryan encouraged the use of gratitude in business at a recent luncheon hosted by the Euclid Chamber of Commerce.

Research suggests that 68% of customer turnover for a business is due to customers feeling ignored.   That was the message from Lisa Ryan, a motivational speaker who focuses on customer service strategies and marketing, at the East Side Irish American Club on Wednesday, September 24th. 

The event was called “Grategize Your Business,” and was hosted by the Euclid Chamber of Commerce. “Grategize” is a creative combination of “gratitude” and “strategize.”  The theme of the event was how to effectively attract and retain customers through gratitude and appreciation, and how to incorporate it in the workplace.

Members of the Chamber and Euclid’s business community learned about various ways they can work to keep customers satisfied with their business.  Emphasis was given to the simple ways of expressing appreciation and gratitude, and how it can go a long way when attracting new customers. 

Ms. Ryan also presented strategies that businesses can take to incorporate gratitude and appreciation in the workplace, such as showing appreciation for an employee’s hard work.  Such actions can lead to more business, and ultimately more customers.   

Attendees were left with of a quote from Mother Theresa; “People are more starved for appreciation than they are for bread.”  This simple reminder and the strategies presented by Ms. Ryan are sure to help Euclid businesses grow and prosper by using strategic gratitude. 

Ms. Ryan is the author of seven books, and is featured in two films including the award-winning, “The Keeper of the Keys” with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  The event was part of the Euclid Chamber of Commerce Luncheon series.  Information on upcoming Chamber events is available at  

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:26 AM, 10.16.2014

Ss. Robert and William Holds its first Night of Learning

Ss. Robert and William Catholic School ‘s “STREAM Evening of Learning” was a wonderful example of focusing lessons on the 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.  Our Lower School students will share their STREAM projects at our next Evening of Learning:  November 24th from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:15 AM, 10.16.2014

Parish Feast Day Celebration Becoming a New Tradition

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For several years, Our Lady of the Lake has celebrated their feast day on September 5 with a procession from the lake to the church. Parishioners begin with a prayer service on the beach, and play music and sing as they walk with the statue of Mary back to the church for another prayer service and reception in the church hall.  The event has quickly become a cherished tradition of the recently merged parish, and each year it has grown. This year, there was extra time to enjoy community with hot dogs on the beach beforehand. And more families than ever made room in their Friday evening plans to be together for the procession with their neighbors and friends - and of course everyone wants to stay for ice cream afterwards! A wonderful new tradition is taking shape as this feast day celebration grows.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:18 AM, 10.16.2014

Fathers Step Out for Their School

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Our Lady of the Lake School celebrated fathers who are involved in their children's education by participating in the national Father's Walk on September 18.  Scores of dedicated dads turned out to show support for their school and all of our students. The hard-working PTO put together refreshments for all, welcoming students and the significant male role models in their lives to share donuts and a happy moment together to kick off the school day. The early start didn't keep anyone way; when it comes to their kids' education, these dads are willing to go the extra mile.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:18 AM, 10.16.2014

35 People on Retreat for Eight Weeks

Our Lady of the Lake Parish has embarked upon a spiritual quest to “find God in all things” (or at least better than before!)  Our guides on this journey are a team from the Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland, who are specially trained to serve as our spiritual guides for the next eight weeks.

The retreat is simply called, “Praying with St. Ignatius.”  Praying with St. Ignatius is a Scripture-based retreat adapted from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and designed to foster a heartfelt knowledge of Jesus Christ.

For the next eight Mondays, we will experience different methods of prayer, guided in a daily personal prayer practice and participate in small faith sharing groups here at Our Lady of the Lake Parish. 

Each participant has committed to 30 minutes of daily prayer and reflection using materials and themes which are provided by the team from JRH.  We are likewise committed to faithfully participating in each of the eight weekly sessions, and to holding one another in prayer between sessions.

The JRH team has observed that we are already blessed with an open, honest and trusting spirit among us, even though not all of us know each other well.  It seems that the bonds between us lie deeper even than knowing everyone’s name and family of origin.  We have begun with a sense of becoming what we already are:  the body of Christ which gathers as Our Lady of the Lake parish.

We are looking forward to whatever God has in store for us and chooses to reveal to us between now and November 10, when our time of retreat comes to an end, and we begin our next chapter of life more aware and better prepared to “find God in all things.”

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:18 AM, 10.16.2014

Ss. Robert and William Catholic Parish Support LifeTeen and Edge Programs

SRW Life Teen and Edge students
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This past year, St John of the Cross and Ss. Robert and William combined youth programs to develop one ministry. I want to share with you our mission, what we have done over the past year and what we are planning for the future.

Life Teen and EDGE are international programs that have one goal. To lead teens closer to Christ. It is about giving teens, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to encounter Christ in a personal way. Life Teen itself has been around for almost 30 years and it continues to adapt to meet teens where they are at while still holding true to the Gospel message. Euclid Life Teen and EDGE share that same goal. We are trying to meet teens where they are at, enter into their world and bring Christ to them. We want them to begin to have a personal relationship with Christ through the various retreats, conferences, bible studies, meetings, etc. The hope is that teens start to make the time to develop this relationship on their own and bring Christ to those in their schools, their families and the community.

The past year has been quite fruitful. Life Teen saw many new faces and has been tweaking the things done in the past so that we can make things as fruitful as possible for the teens. One of the new things we started this past year is a thing called Dead Theologians Society (DTS). It starts with the evening Mass at SJOC and then take a trip back in time and gather in candle light and Gregorian chant and learn about a different saint each week. Another new thing we started is called Living Stones. This is our discernment group for those that are open to the possibility that God might be calling them to Priesthood or Religious Life.

EDGE is our ministry for 7th and 8th graders. The Lord is blessing it and it has become quite popular. We started the beginning of the year going every other week and by January we had EDGE Nights every single week. I know for me personally, it has been a great source of inspiration. To see middle school teens starting to dive into their faith and enjoy things such as adoration is an amazing thing. This year we will be hosting our EDGE Nights at SJOC on Tuesdays from 7-845 in the new youth space. We have also added EDGE hangouts from 3-430 on Thursdays to give them some social time.

The theme and focus for Life Teen and EDGE this next year is Inspire[d]. We will be looking to the people of the Bible to be inspired and in turn we go out and inspire others. We kicked off EDGE this year with a Messtival. We had a series of races and challenges containing ketchup, pudding, fluff and so much more. Life Teen kicked off with a Tail Gate party full of food, games and a water balloon launch across the parking lot.

If you have questions or want to get involved in any way, contact Chris Kelley at 216-731-1515.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:15 AM, 10.16.2014

Caring for Babies

Kay O'Donnell and her daughter Megan sort through donated baby clothes in the Baby Corner Room, on the lower level of the Our Lady of the Lake rectory.

On the corner of East 200th Street and Lake Shore, there is a ministry that has been quietly serving families in the city of Euclid and Collinwood neighborhood since 2001.  This ministry is called the Baby Corner.  The Baby Corner is an ongoing “baby drive” that Our Lady of the Lake parishioners support to assist local families with the cost of baby items and clothing.  They also provide emergency formula and diapers.

Lately we have been assisting 2 or 3 families each week!  Some of these families call the parish directly for assistance, other requests come from our partners at the Euclid Collaborative.      

Parishioners have been donating cash along with their used baby items for the past almost 15 years.  Donated items include perishables like formula and baby food along with diapers, wipes, bottles, new or like-new baby/toddler clothes (up to 4T), pack and plays, swings, high chairs, etc.  We are happy to accept donations from outside of the parish as well.

If you have gently used, clean baby items, donations can be placed in the bassinets in the church or brought to the Rectory at 19951 Lake Shore Blvd.  If possible, we can pick up larger items.  Cash donations to this ministry are also gladly accepted.  Contact Dana at the rectory for more information: 216-486-0850 or email at

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:18 AM, 10.16.2014

Higher rates and EPA requirements have Euclid council debating $150 million project

Construction trailers by the BP station in downtown Euclid will become very active once the $150 million sewer project begins being debated in City Council begins.

While the City of Euclid is close to beginning a huge infrastructure project designed to help it comply with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate, some are raising a red flag about the path chosen by the City’s Administration as being too narrowly focused.  The current approach calls for improvements totaling approximately $150 million.  In an effort to call attention to a pending decision about how the City of Euclid complies with the EPA mandate, Councilpersons Patrick McLaughlin and Daryl Langman hosted a presentation September 18 in Council chambers on an alternative approach to addressing the issue.

Funding for this project – likely one of if not the the largest infrastructure initiative in Euclid’s history – can be seen in Euclid homeowners’ water bills.  Over the past few years, homeowners’ bills have increased significantly – more than double - and will continue to do so to grow to pay for the project.

When asked why he is so concerned about the current approach to the issue, Councilman McLaughlin, an engineer by profession, commented “You’ll be seeing ever increasing rates over the next several years and into the future, but you won’t see any benefits above the ground.  Just a big tunnel.  No improved streets.  No neighborhood upgrades.   But most importantly, we lose the chance to potentially save money.”

The complex issue is coming to a head as Euclid attempts to meet requirements of a Consent Decree from the EPA.  In summary, the EPA is requiring cities with old sanitary and sewer infrastructure to upgrade their systems.  This requirement is part of an effort to clean up Lake Erie.  Currently during very heavy rains, the sewer systems become overloaded as rainwater mixes with water from sanitary drains which contain toilet and waste water.  This combined sewage is then released directly into Lake Erie.  The EPA reached an agreement with the Administration that Euclid will experience only four of these overflow occurrences a year requiring action on the part of the City.


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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:22 AM, 10.16.2014

A Harvest Tour and Tasting at a Local Museum

Have you made a commitment to support the greater Cleveland area by visiting its many cultural institutions?  Now, what if that was coupled with an evening of wine, food and raffles?

Then come join us on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. at The Museum of Divine Statues (12905 Madison Ave., Lakewood).

This exclusive affair is an interactive social event which will offer you wine to sample (beers will be offered, too), and heavy hors d’oeuvres.  Various auctions and raffles will be available with proceeds designated for tuition assistance for SRW students.

You will have the opportunity to browse The Museum of Divine Statues at your leisure.  This museum is designed to pay tribute not only to the art and history of Cleveland’s Catholic churches, but to the city’s immigrant roots. 

Events tickets are limited and can be purchased at Ss. Robert & William Parish Office (367 East 260th St., Euclid).  Credit cards are accepted.

For additional details, contact Ellen Ivory at 216.731.1515, ext. 230 or

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:15 AM, 10.16.2014

Come Experience the Warmth and Charm of Holly Berry Bazaar

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., the gymnasium at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School will be transformed into a Christmas shopping delight with their annual Holly Berry Bazaar.  This craft fair celebrates the uniqueness of the local artist and crafts by conveniently bringing homemade items to you for your gift giving.

New to this year’s bazaar will be the “Christmas Traditions” basket raffle.  You will have the opportunity to win tickets to local cultural events and a variety of other gifts.  An array of jewelry, floral designs, an assortment of craft items, home party items, and even treats for your puppy will also be offered. 

Admission is $1 and includes a free coffee/cookie station.  A light lunch will be available.

For additional details please call the parish office at 216.731.1515 or visit  Ss. Robert & William Catholic School is located at 351 East 260th St., Euclid.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:15 AM, 10.16.2014

Parish Expands School Playground Area

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new Elin Cooke Playground
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On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, faculty, staff, students, and parishioners of Ss. Robert and William, along with neighbors, family, and friends of Elin Cooke, gathered in the grove area for a ground breaking ceremony.  The Elin Cooke Memorial Playground is a playground that is being built for the benefit of the students, parishioners, and surrounding community as a place for kids to be kids, and come to enjoy healthy, safe, physical activity. 

The new, state of the art playground will accommodate up to 100 children at a time, with 23 different activities.  It will be ADA compliant and the playground is expected to be ready for use in early spring of 2015.  Funds for the playground have been donated by several significant donors, the children of the school through a walk-a-thon and read-a-thon, and most recently through donations to honor and memorialize Elin Cooke.

Elin was a resident of Euclid, parishioner, and school parent.  Most importantly, Elin loved children and desired for this community to be a strong, vibrant place for children.  Elin was a champion of the playground project.  Elin recently passed away after a heroic battle with cancer in which she taught all of us to face challenges with grace, dignity and never let it stop our joy!  It is only fitting that the school playground will be named after this phenomenal woman.  Fr John D. Betters, Pastor, reflects “Our hope is her spirit of infectious joy and love will live on for generations of children as they enjoy this playground.”  `

Under a beautiful, sunny, cool, autumn afternoon, the Cooke family gathered with Fr. John Betters, staff, Council President Kristen Holzheimer Gail and contributors, Jane Monreal, from Monreal Funeral Home, to break ground with personalized, pink shovels while a crowd of supporters looked on with encouragement and gratitude for this generous addition to our community.  Ss. Robert and William Catholic School & Parish is located at 367 East 260th Street, Euclid, Ohio 44132, 216.731.1515,, or  Additional photos can be found on Facebook, like us and watch for us on Twitter and Instagram coming soon.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:15 AM, 10.16.2014

Euclid Library Requests Your Support

Euclid Public LIbrary has served the residents of Euclid since 1935. For 79 years, it has been working hard to strengthen the community for all of us to enjoy.

The library will be on the November 4 ballot with a levy issue. Issue #7 is the levy that supplies half of the library's funding and it routinely expires every five years. This cycle of renewing a levy has been true in Euclid for the past 79 years. In November the library is asking voters for a rrenewal levy of 4 mills with an increase of 1.6 mills.

The levy is critical at this time because it not only represents half of the library's income, but the other half comes from the state and that funding has dropped significantly. WIthout these resources, the library's services would be hurt.

Within the past year, all of the library's resources have been reduced:

  • The State of Ohio decreased the Public Library Fund by 6% = a drop of $104,932.
  • The Commercial Activity Tax was reduced by 58% = a drop of $123,047
  • Existing Euclid Library levy decreased by 26% = a drop of $643,755
  • The total loss of revenue in this past year = $871,734

The levy funds will be used to maintain hours and services at the library. the library already has trimmed its budget significantly. This levy, when passed, will provide approximately 50% of the operating budget for the next five years.

For the owner of an average home in Euclid valued at $75,000, the 5.6 mill levy will cost $11.16 per month. This equals $133.88 per year. This is a value considering that the American Library Association says that if you visit your library once every two weeks to borrow materials (that you might have paid to rent or buy) you will save over $7,000 annually! Your library card is truly one of the most valuable cards in your wallet.

Euclid Public Library is proud to be an independent library serving the residents of Euclid and Ohio for nearly 80 years. This is the only levy that supports the library,

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:29 AM, 10.16.2014

Imagine Bella Music Program Needs Your Help!

The Imagine Bella Academy music program recently began a fund raising effort to get a beginning set of Orff Pitched Percussion Instruments for the music classroom. These instruments will be used in all grade levels and in nearly every class time. Our music class is active and full of dancing, singing, creating, and playing any instruments we can, but we do not have very many and could greatly benefit from more. We need your help in supporting the arts and bringing the instruments to our classroom. To support our fund raising effort, go to and support our project by making a donation to our music program! Thanks for all your help!

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:08 AM, 10.16.2014

The Roles of the County Executive and Council

This year, for only second time in the 200 years of Cuyahoga County, voters will elect a County Executive and half of the members of the County Council.  

Some people know that acting upon the decision of voters, we have changed our form of government to a Charter with a County Council and County Executive, while others might think we still have three County Commissioners.  Even those who are aware of the Charter may ask, “What are the roles of the County Executive and the County Council? What do they do? Why should I care?” 

As someone who has been part of the new Charter government these past four years and someone who is currently running for the position of County Executive, I will try to answer these questions.

Our new County Charter is clear that the County Executive, like the CEO of a corporation, is to be the chief executive officer of the county.  It is the responsibility of the Council to pass legislation, be the taxing authority and to provide advice and consent to the Executive on the names he or she brings forth for cabinet appointments.  


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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:24 AM, 10.16.2014

Fall Is Here and Books Are Cheap

One of the great things about being a Friend of the Euclid Public Library is that you feel good about yourself. The Friends do a lot of stuff, but my particular Good Thing is the semiannual book sale–a service for the library and the community.

It's a service for the library because the library must–must!–get rid of material to make room for all those new books and movies. The shelves, being made of metal, not Spandex, don't stretch.

It's a service for the community partly because it's a place for people to donate books. Rather than going to the trash, they go to people who want them. And it's a community service also because where else can you find books, music, movies, etc., etc. so very cheap? Have you priced new books recently? Ouch!  Even e-books cost an awful lot.

But at the Friends' sale, the prices are 50¢ for a hardbound book, 25¢ for a paperback, and–the most expensive regular item–$2 for a DVD. How can you beat it?

Friday, October 24, is Members' Night, when members of the Friends can shop from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The library is closed Friday nights; only the sale rooms and rest rooms will be open. Non-members can pay $5 to join at the door.

On October 25, Saturday, the doors open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. I think this is the best day to shop; there's room to breathe (Friday night is crowded) and still a very good selection.

Sunday, October 26, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., is Bag Day. For $3.00, you buy a grocery bag to fill. Amazingly, there's usually more than enough left to make the bag a huge bargain. DVDs are included in Bag Day, though they're usually all gone by 1:20.

Books are divided into categories roughly corresponding to what the library uses. Most sections (Mystery, Biography, Children's Books, Religion) are easy to understand, but a few are a bit confusing.
1. The 100's are psychology and philosophy. Many self-help books, the ones that deal with the head rather than the body, are here.
2. Sociology and other stuff about how people deal with one another is in the 300's--law, money, politics; also etiquette, true crime, even folk tales.
3. If you want to learn useful things, you want the 600's, the technology section, which covers cooking, health, engineering, carpentry, car repair, makeup, roofing, and, unexpectedly, child-rearing and business.
3. For recreation, turn to the arts, the 700's–-painting and football, opera and crafting, swimming and skiing. Everything that's for fun or beauty rather than purely for practical use is in the 700's.

Audio-visual materials are sorted by type--DVDs, CDs, videotapes, audiotapes, records. (Remember records? The Friends sell them for 50¢.)

Every sale is a different treasure hunt.

Euclid Public Library is at 631 E. 222nd Street in Euclid, straight north off I-90 and SR-2. There's a Veterans' Memorial in front of it, complete with a tank, so it's hard to miss. Their website is

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:27 AM, 10.16.2014

Fifth Graders Take Action

Mr. Leuszler's Fifth Grade Class

Mr. Leuszler’s  fifth graders at Imagine Bella Academy of Excellence watch ChannelOne news every morning. The students were shocked to hear that elephants are being poached for their ivory tusks and even more appalled to find out the population of elephants on the continent of Africa has diminished to approximately 600,000, and they are in danger of becoming extinct within the next decade! Can you imagine a world without elephants? The 5th graders took action and devised a plan to raise money for young elephants who lost their mothers to the ivory trade. The fifth graders decided to hold a penny drive and raised over 6,500 pennies to donate to the WWF!

How can you be involved? 

Take action: Tell the Obama administration you support strong new rules that help prevent illegal elephant ivory from being sold in the US by signing the petition found at the web address below:  

More information at the World Wildlife Fund website:

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:08 AM, 10.16.2014

Imagine Bella Volunteers for Parkinson's

Staff members from Imagine Bella Academy volunteered for the Parkinson's Disease Boot Camp at the Cleveland Convention Center on Saturday, September 6th.

Staff members from Imagine Bella Academy volunteered for the Parkinson's Disease Boot Camp at the Cleveland Convention Center on Saturday, September 6th

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:13 AM, 10.16.2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Mrs. Gamble accepted the icy challenge!
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On September 2, 2014 the Imagine Bella Academy staff accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Imagine Harvard Avenue. The Imagine Bella World Changers raised $140 from a Dress Down Day. The students were surprised when they walked outside Tuesday afternoon and saw 21 chairs and 21 buckets of ice water set up. Students helped dump and cheer on their teachers as IBAE staff stepped up to the plate! You can see the video on our Facebook page.
Imagine Bella Academy of Excellence passed the challenge on to Lisa Lyons and the Imagine Cleveland Academy Wolfpack!

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:08 AM, 10.16.2014

Upcoming Dates at Imagine Bella Academy

October 7- 3rd Grade Fall Reading OAA

October 17- No School for Students (Professional Development for Teachers)

October 24- 1st Quarter Ends

October 27- 2nd Quarter Begins

October 31- Parent-Teacher Conferences (8 a.m.-4 p.m.) No School for Students

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:08 AM, 10.16.2014

October Costume Dance Sponsered By Chapter 412 Of Parents Without Partners

You’d be watch out for fun and fright on October 11, 2014 from 8:00 pm all the way to the witching hour! There will be a fabulous costume contest. A spirited cash bar, and spooky treats. Thrills, chills, music and door prizes. All at the American Legion Hall 570 East 328th St., Willowick, Ohio off Vine St. across from Wendy’s. Admission $8.00…bring a friend.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:06 AM, 10.16.2014

Burk Run/Hillandale Hike

Join us, Sun, Oct 12, 5:00 pm, for Hillandale.
Meet 5:00 pm, Hillandale Park, Hillandale Dr, Euclid 44132

On the western tip of the Painesville Moraine, Euclid’s Hillandale presents a unique natural landscape. The hummocky area gives rise to several Burk Run headwaters which join at the county line to flow north. The tour explores upper Burk Run nature and history, and shows ways to preserve this Euclid greenspace gem.

Sponsors: Euclid Recreation Program & History Museum

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:59 PM, 10.15.2014

Save the Date for the 4th Annual Euclid Holiday Celebration: Friday, December 5th

It may be a little early to be thinking of sleigh bells and Santa Claus, but the planning committee for the 4th Annual Euclid Holiday Celebration is doing just that! The event will be held on Friday, December 5th, 2014, from 5 to 9 pm, at Triangle Park, which is located in front of the Shore Cultural Centre, 291 East 222nd St., in Downtown Euclid. There will be horse drawn sleigh rides, holiday carolers, free crafts and activities for children, free visits with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the lighting of the Holiday Tree. A free Holiday Concert will be held in the auditorium, and a Holiday Bistro on the lower level of Shore will be serving a variety of foods. New features being planned for this year include a Holiday Magic Show and an Ice Sculptor. The City of Euclid, Shore Cultural Centre, and the Euclid Chamber of Commerce are proud to present this very special holiday event. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, call (216) 289-8578 for information. 

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 AM, 10.16.2014

Ten Inducted into Euclid High School Sports Hall of Fame for 2014

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Many centuries ago, the ancient Greeks honored their heroes in artwork, drama and in temples. These heroes, and their likenesses which lived on long after they were gone, served as role models to the citizenry for their deeds and the positive attributes they exhibited. In modern times, we do the same for those who have displayed an exceptional level of courage, commitment, sacrifice and leadership in pursuit of excellence. And when it comes to athletic excellence, no one does it better or more consistently than the Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association. On Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014 the EPSAA honored ten men and women at the 28th Annual Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony.

Nine student-athletes and one coach were inducted in front of a full house of family, friends, teammates and coaches at Tizzano’s Party Center on E. 260th and Tungsten Rd. Chuck Hill, long-time Euclid resident and Chairman of the Sports Hall of Fame Committee, enthusiastically kicked the night off and was followed by the spit and polish of the Euclid High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Color Guard, who presented the U.S. flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. After dinner, John Telich, Jr., TV Channel 8 Sportscaster and a Euclid High graduate himself, served as Master of Ceremonies for this year’s induction.   

The 2014 Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ewald Heise                    Euclid Senior High School ’68       Basketball, Baseball

Edward Delaney              Euclid Senior High School ’78       Football, Wrestling

John Vuyancih                Euclid High School ’92                  Basketball, Baseball

Matt Hoffman                 Euclid High School ’95                  Baseball

Mike Hoffman                 Euclid High School ’95                 Baseball

Monroe L. Hillsman, Jr.    Euclid High School ’97               Football, Track, Basketball

Tamika Drake                 Euclid High School ‘00                 Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

Heather Palmer               Euclid High School ‘04                 Track, Basketball

Brandon Smith                Euclid High School ’04                Football, Track

John Gibbons                  Coach                                         Soccer

Also honored were members of the outstanding 1968 boys’ basketball team which made it to the Final Four in the Ohio State Basketball Tournament that year.

While each inductee’s acceptance speech was unique, often sprinkled with humor and emotion, the common thread was gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to compete at a high level of athleticism, gratitude for the support and inspiration of family and teammates, gratitude for the mentorship, patience, trust and knowledge of their coaches and finally, gratitude for their selection into a special group of student-athletes who achieved great things, not just on the fields of competition, but also in their personal and professional lives long after high school graduation.

Thanks to the Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Committee, we continue to recognize sport and sportsmanship, through the inspirational stories of student-athletes who displayed high levels of achievement and the many positive attributes that athletics can provide. The tireless efforts of the Committee continue to ensure that the accomplishments of our student-athletes, coaches and school administrators will inspire others as they humbly serve as role models for the people of the city of Euclid. As in the arts, academics and other areas of endeavor, a strong sense of community develops around those whose exploits, like the ancient Greek heroes, will be remembered and ultimately emulated by those who follow.   

The actual Sports Hall of Fame “shrine” is located in Euclid High School (711 E. 222nd St.) in the hallway between the main gym and pool, where the plaques of all 300 inductees are hung.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:46 PM, 10.15.2014

A Family Affair Original Music and Poetry Performance

This talented family moved to Euclid 6 months ago and want to celebrate with new neighbors with their music and poetry. They will be performing  Oct 4 starting at 7:30 pm  at the newly opened music venue “Euclid City Limits” at the Conscious Nest located at 20150 Lakeshore Blvd. $5.00 adults $2.00 under 18 includes food and drink.

Opening:  Devlinbleu Chambers:  Original poetry  from a 15 yr old student at Hawken School.  Has been writing poetry for over a year and has extensively traveled in the USA and Burma. Has performed a number of times this last year.

And Opening:  Louise Foresman singer/songwriter and mother of Devlinbleu, has been writing and singing for over 6 years presently in the band “ The Attention Deflect  Glee Club”, formally  in the   “Ethel Group” and the” Danylou Project”. She has also been involved in the Lottery League band.

Main act: Danyl Chambers singer/songwriter for 40 years. Has performed mainly in NE Ohio. Whimsical humorous and political slant to his music.  Has been in a number of bands over the years” The Shuttle Fragments” in the 80’s “The Missing Children” in the 90’s and presently with his wife” The Attention Deficit Glee Club”. He will be performing solo pieces and a few songs with his wife.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:44 PM, 10.15.2014

League of Women Voters Candidates Forum

Sunday October 5th
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
This is a special opportunity to hear a presentation from your candidates and to ask them written questions about the issues you care about. This is a way for us as voters to learn who we will choose to vote for in the November 4th Elections! 

The following candidates have confirmed their attendance: Cuyahoga County District 11 Sunny Simon & John Currid, 
Ohio House District 8 Kent Smith & Jocelyn Conwell & Mikhail Alterman and Ohio Senate District 25 Kenny Yuko & Hasani Crider. 
Location: Euclid Public Library, 631 E. 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio 44123

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:05 AM, 10.16.2014

Utilities Resource Fair

Cuyahoga Job and  Family Services and the Home Heating and Weatherization Task Force will be hosting a Utilities Resource Fair, at West Side Community House at 9300 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, on Saturday, October 18, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The free event will provide information and resources to the community, and enable customers to apply for utilities assistance programs such as Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Percentage of Income Program (PIPP Plus) and Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP).  Customers can apply for county benefits programs such as Medicaid, Child Care and Food Assistance. 

 There will be a free Utilities Assistance Programs Training Workshop at noon; registration is online for the workshop at

For information, call 216-987-7010 or visit

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 12:05 AM, 10.16.2014

Euclid Senior Programs

Euclid Senior Programs will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary at the Lakefront Community Center, on Friday, October 24th at 10:30 a.m. "The Golden Notes" will provide musical entertainment and light refreshments will be served. If you are a senior, stop by and see what we have to offer.  There are several other events happening at the center, including line dance classes, art classes, beading classes, ZUMBA classes, YOGA, Bingo, exercise classes, sewing, Bible Study, pool tournaments, healthy for life presentations, field trips and many other fun activities.  The center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Membership is open to anyone age 50 and above for $ 10.00 per year, and if you are 60 and over you can also enjoy a delicious nutritional lunch served at Noon (Reservations are needed the week before).  There is a suggested $ 1.00 donation per meal. If you would like information regarding the center, please call 289-2985.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:57 PM, 10.15.2014

Remembering the Carousel Ride at Euclid Beach Park

My Dad's favorite carousel pony when he was a young boy! Recently restored.

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My parents have unknowingly gifted me with a treasury of their memories that are now my own. The details they share about their childhood paint such clear and vivid pictures, that their words play the music they've heard, show me the films they've seen, and take me to the places they've been.

As I was growing up, my parents and I took countless trips to Euclid Beach Park as they reminisced about it, and The Grand Carousel that operated there from 1910 until closing day, September 28, 1969.

The exciting news is Cleveland’s Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society is restoring the mechanism, so that it’s fully operational, and ready for us all to ride, on November 23, 2014!  Although under restoration, The Grand Carousel is on display now, in the glass pavilion at the Western Reserve Historical Center in Cleveland's University Circle.  It's coming along amazingly!

My parents and I had a magical time oohing and aahing over the horses they remember running to as children.  I'm willing to bet that you will too!

To be a part of the excitement, and to make a donation to support this cause, visit

To check out the fascinating Euclid Beach and Grand Carousel timeline, visit

Take a peak at The Grand Carousel at:

Western Reserve Historical Society

10825 East Boulevard

Cleveland, Ohio 44106


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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:43 PM, 10.15.2014

Raddell’s Sausage Shop and Frank Azman Meat Market Earn Titles at Polka Hall of Fame Sausage Fest

Frank Azman (right) of Cleveland’s Azman and Sons Meat Market receives the Best of Fest Judges’ Award banner at the 11th annual Slovenian Sausage Festival sponsored by the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum. The banner was presented by Polka Hall of Fame Vice President Mark Habat and Chairman Emeritus Tony Petkovsek. The event was held September 10, 2014, at SNPJ Farm in Kirtland, Ohio.
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Frank Azman of Cleveland’s Azman and Sons Meat Market accepted the Best of Fest Jury Award and Raddell’s Sausage Shop, from the city’s Collinwood neighborhood, scored as the People’s Choice at the 11th Slovenian Sausage Festival on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, hosted by the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum.

Showers did not dissuade nearly 700 hungry music-lovers from enjoying eight hours of polka music and savory sausages at the SNPJ Farm in Kirtland, Ohio. Fifty musicians and accordionists, including the Frank Stanger Orchestra (2013 Polka Hall of Fame Band of the Year), Kathy Hlad (2013 Button Accordionist), and the Fairport Jammers (2013 Button Accordion Group), volunteered their services at the annual fund-raiser for the Hall of Fame and museum.

"I grew up in with Slovenian sausage and polka music, so I just had to be here,” said Linda Poropat Holle, a Euclid, Ohio, native, now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “It’s a great family event. That’s why I brought my mother.”    

Raddell’s was the jury’s runner-up and Azman and Sons Meat Market was the runner-up People’s Choice. As winner of the People’s Choice, Raddell’s prize sausages will be served at the Polka Hall of Fame’s three-day polka dance festival over Thanksgiving weekend, November 27, 28 and 29, 2014, at Cleveland’s Downtown Marriott Hotel.

This was the first Sausage Fest title for Azman and Sons, a 90-year-old, third-generation shop on Cleveland’s St. Clair Avenue. For the first time, a food truck participated at the Sausage Fest. The bold, red vehicle was operated by new entrant Sterle’s Country House, the legendary Cleveland restaurant which now makes its own Slovenian sausage.

Members of the jury were Cindy Barber, owner of the Beachland Ballroom; Walt Mahovlich, director of the Harmonia folk music ensemble; Richard Novotny, Associate Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students, Lakeland Community College; Deborah Pinter, Executive Director, Orange Art Center; Dan Postotnik, a sausage and polka music fan; and Willoughby attorney Ronald Zele. 

“The jury decides by blind tasting while each visitor receives a voting ticket to drop in the ballot box of the vendor of their favorite sausage,” explained Mark Habat, Vice President of the Polka Hall of Fame and Chairman of the Sausage Festival. “Vendors are invited to observe the judging and the ballot count. It’s all on the up-and-up."                                            

The Slovenian sausage is a regional American specialty prepared from recipes brought to the United States by immigrants from Slovenia, where it is known as Kranjska klobasa. Sausages are made with pork, often accented with garlic, and then cured and smoked. More than 1,500 sausages were purchased at the event as well as 800 slices of strudel and potica, a traditional Slovenian nut roll pastry.

The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates the city's variety of dance music with audio exhibits, historic photographs and original instruments. The music style evolved in the city’s Slovenian neighborhoods a century ago and became nationally popular in the decade after World War II, especially by America’s Polka King Frank Yankovic. Each year, the Polka Hall of Fame’s nationwide membership nominates and vote for polka performers in different categories. The 27th annual awards ceremony on Saturday, November 29, 2014, at the Grand Ballroom of the Downtown Cleveland Marriott Hotel, is the high point of the Polka Hall of Fame’s Thanksgiving weekend music festival.

The Polka Hall of Fame is located at 605 East 222nd Street in Euclid, Ohio, in the city’s historic former city hall. For more information, check the website at or call (216) 621- FAME.

National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum:

Azman and Sons Meat Market:

Raddell’s Slovenian Sausage Shop:

Sterle’s Country House:

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:41 PM, 10.15.2014

Connecting the Community: Euclid Hospital and Community Support Task Force work to connect residents with healthcare information

Are you in need of healthcare information and just don’t know who to ask? Have you been feeling ill for a while and think you need to see a physician?

Many residents have those same questions along with many others. Through the Community Support Task Force (CSTF), Euclid residents are able to connect with Euclid Hospital for healthcare information they are searching for.

Information at your fingertips.

A program has been set up in select apartment buildings in Euclid to connect apartment residents with healthcare information. Satellite care areas – located in a common area of the building, such as a lobby – have been designated as a hub to house healthcare, program and screening information.

The hope is that since the information is easily accessible, residents will be proactive, rather than reactive, about their healthcare needs. “It’s important to meet residents where they are so the information is at their fingertips,” says Kristal Grida, City of Euclid neighborhood engagement specialist.

The CSTF would like to work with other apartment and property managers in Euclid and Collinwood to disseminate healthcare information to their clients as well.

Making connections.

Euclid apartment residents now receive “Community Connections” newsletter – a quarterly Cleveland Clinic community hospital publication. “Community Connections” is a schedule of events, activities and resources, close to home, designed to help keep everyone healthy and well.

The publication is also available at Euclid Public Library, Euclid City Hall and Euclid Hospital lobby. “It’s all about connecting residents to our resources,” says Ann Coughlin, community outreach program manager at Euclid Hospital, “We have programs in place that everyone can benefit from to lead a healthy life.”

Euclid Hospital and the CSTF are working to connect residents with healthcare information – from pediatrics to geriatrics. Mark Froimson, MD, President of Euclid Hospital believes that the CSTF is instrumental in “connecting and enabling our citizens to have access to information about healthcare resources appropriate for their condition or symptoms, as well as accessing the right care at the right time.” 

For more information about the healthcare services offered at Euclid Hospital, visit euclidhospital.orgor call 216.531.9000.

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:42 PM, 10.15.2014

Medicare Annual Notice of Change

What is it and why is it important to me?

By early October, everyone who has a Medicare Advantage plan or a Prescription Drug plan should receive information in the mail about their plan called the “Annual Notice of Change” (ANOC). This notice provides important information on changes you will see in your insurance coverage, cost and services for 2015.

It's important for you to go over this information in detail. Don’t make a costly mistake and find out too late that your plan has made major changes that you will be locked into for the next year.

Some key areas to review are:

Is your plan still available in your county? Some popular plans have been discontinued in some counties for 2015.

Changes in benefits and cost: Are there changes that affect the services you use? Has the amount of your co-pay changed? Have the premiums or out-of-pocket costs changed? 

Part D Prescription Drug Plan:  Are your prescription medications covered? Are they in a different tier? Can you continue to use the same pharmacies? Has the premium, deductible or tier costs changed?

Providers Network: Are your doctors still in the network? (You can confirm this with the online directory.)

You have the opportunity NOW during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period to switch to more suitable coverage. This year, open enrollment begins October 15 and continues through December 7 so you have plenty of time to shop and compare plans.

Have questions? Plan now to attend Getting Started with Medicare at the Euclid Library on Wednesday, October 8, 7:00 to 8:30 pm, presented by Laura Mutsko of Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC. This class covers all the basics and is especially helpful for people turning 65, those going on Medicare for the first time or anyone who want to brush up on the most current Medicare information.

Preregistration is required. Please call the library at 216-261-5300 to register. This event is only for educational purposes and no plan specific benefits or details will be discussed. 

For answers to all your health insurance questions, call Laura Mutsko, Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC at 440-255-5700 or email lmutsko@mutskoinsurancecom

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:42 PM, 10.15.2014

Right At Home At Mitchell's

Mitchell's Restaurant and Ultra Lounge
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I could tell that good customer service is paramount at Mitchell's; the employees seem happy to work there, and deliver a welcoming, positive energy, that makes you want to go back often. 

What's most impressive is that over $20,000 was donated to charity from events given by Mitchell’s.

The programming is diverse, and the location is perfect for Euclid residents who like to go out for a good time,in an adult atmosphere, but want to stay close to home.  Since discovering Mitchell's, I have gone to several events and happenings that include: live jazz night, happy hour, concerts, ladies’ night, a Valentine’s Day event, a beauty & style workshop, and paint & wine parties. 

For concerts, the venue is quite intimate, so most seats are good ones.  Previous concerts include:  Tank, Marsha Ambrosius, Norman Brown, Eric Benet, Mesa, Kim Waters, Lalah Hathaway, and Brian Simpson. 

There is always something fun happening at Mitchell’s: Browns Tailgate Parties  Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m., NFL Sundays - FREE Food and Drink Specials, Ladies’ Night – Thursday at 7:00 p.m., Live Jazz – Every Friday at 9:00 p.m.

So far, from their full menu, I have enjoyed the fried mushrooms, wings, and the catfish, and orange roughy dinners.

Amenities I think are worth mentioning: Party & VIP Room Rentals, Full Security Staff, Two Levels of Entertainment, Two Bars, Restrooms on Both Floors and Free Valet Parking

Mitchell’s Restaurant and Ultra Lounge 

24900 Euclid Avenue

Euclid, Ohio 44117

Thursday through Sunday

4:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

For party room rental: 216-323-1608

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Volume 5, Issue 9, Posted 11:38 PM, 10.15.2014