Euclid Shade Tree Commission Celebrates Arbor Day

Bur oak, 21701 Tracy Ave, April 24, 2020

The Euclid Shade Tree Commission has celebrated Arbor Day for 25 years. It is the day of the year to renew our twofold mission: to work with City officials to improve Euclid’s urban forest; and to educate residents about the benefits of numerous and healthy trees.

Euclid’s trees are the most significant part of the city’s green infrastructure. Asking very little of the city’s human residents, our trees cleanse the air, absorb stormwater and beautify the landscape.

Collectively, our thousands of individual trees become an urban forest. This includes programmed street and residential trees as well as those that volunteer on open lots across the landscape.

As part of Euclid’s physical character, the urban forest plays into decisions about coming to Euclid: to shop, to live and to work. As we enhance the forest, Euclid’s character grows as well. We may attract more shoppers, residents and business startups.

The urban forest is our legacy. Our children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of the trees planted and maintained today.

In 1991, Euclid counted more than ten thousand street trees and developed planting and management plans. It takes two decades from planting a street tree to being able to measure it as part of the forest canopy, but the work has reaped results.

This past year, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission found that throughout the county’s 59 municipalities. Euclid was one of just two to register an increase in forest cover! The increase was small (2.6%) and Euclid’s forest cover is relatively small (28%). Still, the result is gratifying.

With this good news, the Shade Tree Commission is primed to assist the City and educate the public about maintaining and planting trees. We also look forward to sponsoring our annual Pond and Garden Tour in Mid-July. Stay tuned for final scheduling.

In sum, the Shade Tree Commission salutes the forestry work of the Euclid Service Dept. We honor the dedication of retiring arborist Chris Grant and look forward to working with Andre Trapp as Mr. Grant’s replacement.

May we all look forward to living with Euclid’s growing urban forest.

Euclid Shade Tree Commission members: Linda Beck (secretary), Bob Evans, Chris Grant (City Arborist), Brenda Hall, Taneika Hill, Greg Lawrence (chair), Roy Larick, Christine McIntosh (City Council Ward 5) Joe O'Donnell, (City Public Works), Anita Rajic (vice chair), Andre Trapp (City Arborist)

Roy Larick

Roy Larick grew up in Euclid during the 1960s. He left for 30 years to become an archaeologist and work around the world. Dr. Larick returned home in 2002, bringing an archaeological perspective for comprehending local lands and waters.

In 2009, he founded Bluestone to advocate for small watersheds and landforms in the Cleveland area.

In 2014, Bluestone joined the Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative, watershed organizations working to restore natural areas and install green stormwater facilities.

In 2017, Bluestsone became a Watershed Partner with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Sewer District resources help get stormwater issues resolved.

In 2020, Dr. Larick became a member of the Euclid Shade Tree Commission.

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