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A few years ago, I wrote about visiting Downtown Disney (it’s now called Disney Springs).  During the trip, we stopped at a jewelry store because I was looking for a meaningful ring.  The girl behind the counter gave me a piece of advice I still carry.  She told me to look around and said, “Take your time.  It’s the only way to make it last.”  Wise words.  They apply not only to shopping, but also to life.

I did take my time, and I found a large, heavy, polished silver ring shaped like flames.  It fit my finger perfectly.  Looking at the ring, I decided it represented the many difficulties, struggles and pain I’d lived through.  It was expensive, but I bought it.

I’ve worn the ring daily for years, and liked to tap it on different surfaces just to hear the sound.  Unfortunately, I lost the ring about 2 weeks ago.  I’d been taking it off and washing my hands a lot because it’s cold and flu season.  I’m sure I left it on a sink somewhere.  I’m sad about the loss, but maybe there is a better way of looking at it.

As we live, each of us collects all sorts of psychological and emotional baggage.  Somewhere, sometime, someone hurt you.  If the incident was significant, it may have engaged your fight or flight response.  If so, recalling what happened may cause you to experience tension and strong emotions, even years later.

I often talk about letting go, letting things be, living in the now and focusing on the present rather than chasing your scary, upsetting thoughts.  I wonder if the loss of the ring is symbolic. 

Perhaps it’s time to stop wearing a reminder of where I have been and all I’ve been through.  Yes my past shaped me, but I am so much more than the difficulties I’ve experienced.  So are you.  If we haven’t learned to grow past previous hurt, perhaps our way of thinking has become the real problem. 

Maybe it is time for you to lose whatever has been holding you back.  Freedom is understanding exactly what is binding you.  Is it really worth holding-on to a ring of fire?    

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Volume 11, Issue 1, Posted 5:12 PM, 01.12.2020