Bible Baptist Temple has Senior Dinner

Pastor Andy & Carol hosted Bible Baptist Temple's annual Thanksgiving dinner and program for seniors 11/16/19 which included a delicious thanksgiving dinner, hymns, games, skits, a short sermon & fun fellowship! Our speaker was Pastor Jay Roller, also a  Senior who provided us with a lively sermon combined with his own brand of sanctified humor.

If you are 65 or over, would you be willing to admit it :>) to be able to enjoy a wonderful free delicious Thanksgiving  dinner & program?

Well many were, as we at Bible Baptist Temple @ 1565 Chardon Rd. Had a packed room of appreciative seniors. Pastor Andy Rusnacko- our only pastor for over 40 years, has never waivered in his doctrine- stressing repentance and the Lordship of our Lord & Saviour- Jesus Christ. We don’t practice “easy believism” either. We don’t mix the doctrinally correct ancient hymns with rock and roll 🎸 music. Nope! Pastor Andy runs the STILL CHURCH! I have witnessed this first hand, having been an enthusiastic, faithfully serving & (hopefully sufficiently humble :)) member for over 33 years.

Although our Thanksgiving program  is over, the welcome mat at Bible Baptist Temple is always open -

For you “night owls” who have trouble getting up in the mornings, we have 7pm services- Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. And for you “early birds 🦅 “- we have Sunday School for adults & children 10:30- 11 AM - with church service starting at 11AM.

Also, did you know Pastor Andy is on the 1220AM 4 times a week- Thursdays 8pm, Fridays  at 2pm, Saturdays at 10AM and Sundays at 7AM. I especially love our  7pm Wednesday Bible Study which follows  our prayer and praise section. Pastor Andy teaches on various Bible subjects- similar to a Bible based college class.

Please pay us a visit- Sunday 10:30 or 11AM and / or Wednesday’s at 7pm.

Jesus loves you and so do we!

Loving Blessings in Jesus, My Lord and Saviour since 1981 Nancy Mihalick

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Volume 10, Issue 12, Posted 6:26 PM, 12.02.2019