Which Health Nut Are You?

There are many types of health nuts - I am a combo of several! Are YOU any of these health nuts?

My cousins are the oxalate educators & avoiders- for good reason- especially concerning kidney stones and other ailments usually unknowingly caused by high oxalate diets.

Then I know some people that blame all their ailments on parasites. And they know how to hopefully avoid them and kill them off if they inhabit their bodies.

Then there’s the “candida soldiers” who avoid any foods that make yeast grow! Good idea!  Check out “The Yeast Connection” by William Crook.

We all know those vegans who think all meats are unhealthy - (my opinion some are! ) and they eat anything that never had a face - plus and I agree -it’s cruel to animals,  ( but I still eat some, & occasionally feel guilty) But the Bible says it’s okay.

Then there are some carnivores who only eat meat and say that it is the best way to conquer their sugar cravings ( maybe it is for some) but meat gets an F minus on the alkaline/ acidic report card- the latter spells good health but the former - a preponderance of acidic food ( ex. meat) spells poor health. Then I believe carnivore advocates ignore the fact that the biggest carnivore of all - you’ve heard of the once famous very popular “Atkins diet” popular in years past- Dr Atkins died of heart disease. Severe atherosclerosis.

Of course, we can’t ignore the “sugar busters” who claim if you give up refined sugars or foods that turn to sugar that will be your magic bullet! (I do know giving up refined sugar IS healthy- personal experience from myself & 4 loved ones can attest to this) - I eat a moderate amount of fruit but not real sweet ones - can’t tolerate an overly ripe banana - too sweet - yuk!

I agree with Braggs ACV (apple cider vinegar) promoters claim that if you ingest enough ACV EVERY day, 2 tablespoons twice a day diluted with a healthy liquid you can prevent ailments and even cure them!

I truly believe the best group if you just had to pick one - are the “alkaline food proponents”! If you eat a larger percentage of alkaline foods than acidic foods, you will be healthy and stay healthy!  Great immunity booster!

Let us not forget the” raw foodies”! That’s me! But they aren’t the ONLY foods I eat!  Enzymes are the life force of the plant! It’s true/ the more enzyme rich plant foods you eat - the healthier you will be! Everyday thousands of body cells are dying and if they are fed live enzyme rich plant foods - one’s body will get healthier and healthier! Cooking your veggies or fruits KILLS the enzymes! The Hallelujah diet based on Genesis 1:29 emphasizes the benefits of the Garden of Eden or Daniel diet. Raw plant food.

The Mediterranean diet - which promotes minimal healthy meat and lots of healthy veggies is promoted by many. I agree with its virtues!

Resveratrol in red wine or pill form, has been promoted to prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and prevents blood clots.

The very popular Keto diet is low carb, high fat, and moderated protein. It claims you will lose weight, regulate blood sugar, & reduce cholesterol & blood pressure.

What about “low or no carb people? “big difference between bread and broccoli. The latter is a good carb.  Bread and desserts are not good. Research www.drgoodcarb.com Dr James Krystosik! He educates us on the difference and the benefits of good carbs.

I personally have given up butter in last year and totally subbed unrefined coconut oil for the last 2 years very healthy! I love the taste and Coconut oil and believe it has innumerable benefits!

I’ve given up refined sugars in last 1.5 years! Some claim sugar is a “drug”.

If I taste anything too sweet for me, like a cookie just taking a tiny bite, it tastes sickeningly sweet! You’ll lose weight and increase your immunity if you greatly reduce your intake of refined sugars.

Braggs ACV, 2 tablespoons twice a day truly has innumerable health benefits- cuts your appetite and you lose weight naturally. It is the best single food, in my opinion, you can ingest daily to help your immunity!

Loving Blessings in Jesus, My Lord and Savior since 1981.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:31 AM, 10.06.2019