Scars, everybody has them.  They mean you showed-up for life, and most come with an interesting story.  Your scars may have been received while doing great acts of courage, but it’s more likely they came from doing less noble activities.  Either way, you’re marked and carry a physical remembrance which people can see.  But, there is a different type of scar which isn’t readily apparent.    

While some say pain can only be caused by physical injury to the body, you and I know there is another kind of pain.  Call it psychological, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is something which can dramatically affect you. 

Such pain is individual, you feel its heat and depth on a personal level.  It demands to be felt, and as a result your perception of life can be distorted when you are hurting.  While there are plenty of theories about the cause of such pain, it seems safe to say it’s a sign some important need is not being met.   It points to an issue which needs to be addressed or a problem you need to work through.  Very often it’s an inescapable unpleasantness which you rather avoid.  And while you can become expert at avoidance, your evasive maneuvers simply result in old patterns being relived until the core issue is addressed.

I have a little advice if you are struggling with an issue.

First, don’t run from it.  Covering the issue with busyness, or self-medication, only delays the inevitable.  Face the issue.  I understand it may appear frightening and larger than life, but it isn’t.  Don’t hide from shadows and imaginings.  It is simply a fear, and they are never as big, or bad, as you think. 

Ask for help.  Just because you have a problem doesn’t mean you are a problem.  Everyone has issues as they travel life.  If you are experiencing trouble, locate available resources, reach out to those who care, find helpful books or internet reading, seek professional help, etc.  You need to advocate for yourself.  No one knows what you are going through, or what you need, unless you say something.

You may be experiencing a tough time, but a rough patch doesn’t mean all of life is bad.  Remember, your thinking can be distorted by pain.  It’s time to face the issue, take care of yourself, and work past the obstacle.  You can do it.

Scars mark you.  They don’t define you.

(If you are experiencing severe issues affecting daily life, please seek professional help.  Don’t give up.  It won’t always feel this way.  Work through the problem.  You are important.) 

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 10:32 AM, 10.06.2019