Dance for Children and Teens at Shore Cultural Centre

Bea Parker, dance instructor at Shore Cultural Centre.

Photo courtesy of ParkerFotos.

While we know that dance can be great fun, it also provides many benefits for youth. It probably is no surprise that dance is good exercise and can help with hand-eye and overall body coordination. Other benefits include building self-esteem, and learning routines can improve memory skills important in doing schoolwork.

Bea Parker understands the benefits of dance for children. She founded the Southern Charm School in the ’80s, which more recently became the Southern Enterprise School of Arts with a focus on dance. She teaches weekend classes (ages 3 to 15) in ballet, tap, modeling, and gymnastics, at the Shore Cultural Centre. Returning Shore instructor, Helen McDonnell, begins teaching again this month (ages 3 to 10) with her Shore Center Dance, adding classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and tumbling for little ones, on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Other options for dance at Shore Cultural Centre include Tam Tam Magic teaching West African Dance, Leneghan Irish Dance, and, a new tenant at Shore, Buck Out Cleveland. Many of the dance instructors teach classes for adults as well as children. 

Shore Cultural Centre is located at 291 E. 222nd Street in Euclid. For more information about the dance classes held at Shore, visit the website or call 216 289-8578.

Chris Cipriani

Director of Programming and Marketing for Shore Cultural Centre

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 4:12 PM, 06.05.2019