Lakeland Civic Association to Meet

Jonathan Holody, Euclid's Director of Planning and Development, will speak to members and guests of the Lakeland Civic Association at its meeting April 11. Mr Holody has been invited to talk about city projects underway and planned. As always, members are welcome to ask questions.

The meeting will convene at 7:00PM at the Wickliffe Public Library. LCA chairman, Kevin Jones, will cover other agenda items including whether to sponsor and host a second annual summer picnic & block party in August.

The association hopes to recruit a few new trustees to fill vacancies on a few streets. Trustees have to commit only to an hour or so four or five times a year delivering newsletters and event flyers.

Chairman Jones will moderate a short discussion about eMail, websites, and data security. The meeting will adjourn at 8:45PM.

Kevin Jones

President, Lakeland Civic Association

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Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 3:01 PM, 03.30.2019