2018 E. 200th Street Stroll - Troll About Town

E. 200th Street Stroll Sponsorships

Silver Sponsor – Our Lady of the Lake Parish

Flower Sponsors – VFW Post 1056, Euclid Beach Park Now, Euclid Adult Activities Center

Sponsors – Superior Prime Meats, Euclid, Jalousies, Celebration Church, Kast Organ Grinders

Troll About Town

To promote the June 2nd E. 200th Street Stroll in Euclid, Rosie the Troll is hiding out in plain

sight at 10 businesses around town.  When you spot these creatively colored and decorated

trolls, write down the locations on this entry form and submit your answers at one of the two

 information booths at the Stroll on June 2nd.  Two $100 prizes will be awarded the week after

the Stroll.  One prize will be selected from the entries with all 10 correct locations (or from a

group of persons with the highest number of correct locations) and the other prize will be

selected from all the people who have submitted entries (including those in the first group).

Look for the winners on the Stroll Facebook page.  Winners will also be called. Thank you to the

girls in Nicole Bezemes’ Daisy Girl Scout Troop 70459 for decorating the Rosie Trolls used in this

contest.   See you at the E. 200th Street Stroll !

Submitted by_____________________________

Phone Number____________________________

Locations:  1.___________________________  2._______________________________

                 3.___________________________  4._______________________________

                 5.___________________________  6._______________________________

                 7.___________________________   8._______________________________

                 9.___________________________  10.______________________________

Sherrie Zagorc

Sherrie Zagorc is a co-founder, volunteer, and board member of Kiddie City Child Care Community in addition to being the chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll.

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