The Life of a New Councilman

Brian Moore was a busy man before the November 7th, 2018 general election.  His life changed on that day when the residents in Euclid Ward 2 elected him to City Council.  Prior to that day, Mr. Moore was a husband, father, grandfather, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc. and an associate minister at Lake Shore Christian Church.  He was also involved in various community groups and activities including the Euclid Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Euclid Planning and Zoning Commission and Faith in the City.

Today, there is considerably more to do.  Not that Brian is complaining.  After all, he ran for office because he is dedicated to serving the residents of Ward 2.  Being a Councilman is more than a part-time commitment for Mr. Moore. Besides attending the regularly scheduled Council Meetings, Mr. Moore also serves on the Business and Community Development Committee, the Executive and Finance Committee, the Housing and Building Committee and the Parks and RecreationCommittee.  He is also chairman of the Community and Neighborhood Engagement Committee.  

There was foresight in his decision to serve the community. He knew that with all his personal and professional responsibilities his life would get more hectic. That’s where I come in. I was hired with the intent to lighten his load at Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc.  so that he could concentrate on the residents of the City of Euclid. Mr. Moore felt that my experience working at Our Lady of the Lake Church and my administrative strengths will make it possible for him to focus on the people of Euclid.

He is hopeful that his work as the Chairperson of the Community and Neighborhood Engagement Committee can make a significant difference in the quality of life of a neighborhood and in the larger community. Mr. Moore said, “Every neighborhood and community has issues, but Euclid also has much to offer!  There are so many good people in the city and I look forward to finding ways to engage them.  I want to hear about their thoughts and ideas.  I want to know what excites them and what causes them to worry.  I also want to find ways for residents to get to know each other.”

Currently Mr. Moore is working reaching out to the residents of Ward 2 and creating events that provide opportunities for him to meet and get to know the people he is serving.  He is also reaching out to institutions, schools and businesses.  “Working together, we can create a place where families can live, work and play in safety and peace.”  Mr. Moore’s campaign slogan was “Let’s Do Moore for Euclid”. Well now, “We Can Do Moore for Euclid”, said Mr. Moore.

Dana Heil

I am the Executive Administrative Coordinator for Euclid Ward 2 Councilman Rev. Brian T. Moore.

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Volume 9, Issue 2, Posted 2:00 PM, 02.10.2018