Medicare Disenrollment

Robert had coverage for his Medicare from an advantage plan and through his agent had decided to change to a Medicare supplement. They met near the end of annual enrollment, discussed the plan options, as well as the different companies offerings and completed online applications from both the supplement and an independent prescription drug plan.

Around the fifteenth of December, Robert received a letter from the supplement company to whom he had applied, rejecting his application due to a prescription he was taking. Companies can refuse coverage or charge a higher rate for medical coverage unless the client is initially entering the Medicare market or guaranteed coverage through specific circumstances.

This was devastating news, because, as of January first, Robert would not have health coverage due to the rejection. When an application for prescription drug coverage is filed through Medicare, the previous Advantage plan or drug plan is automatically cancelled. Robert would have drug coverage and be covered under original Medicare but be responsible for the deductibles , copays and full twenty percent of the medical costs which is not covered.

The agent advocated with the insurance company on Roberts behalf and was able to negotiate coverage. He is covered under both a supplement and prescription drug plan starting January first. If you are ever considering changing from the Advantage plan to a supplement, there is a strategy using rapid disenrollment which would protect you in the event coverage was not approved.

From January first through February fifteenth of every year, enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans have the option to disenroll from their plan and return to original Medicare. At this time, once you have been approved for coverage gap protection through a supplemental policy, you may also enroll in a prescription drug plan. This procedure allows you to maintain coverage in the event you do not Health qualify for the new plan.

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