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The moment of fulfillment is created from understanding the connection to a people, planet, purpose, profit philosophy. My name is Felicia Peacock and I am the owner/ CEO of Decisive Advocates. Decisive Advocates was created on this philosophy. We are advocates for individuals who want to make decisive decisions in their life, business, and world. Even though our specialty at Decisive Advocates covers dental advising, project management, corporate wellness, flourishing enterprise corporate restructure and CPR certification; our focus is to remain a hometown brand and make sure we are making an impact in our community. From this point of community involvement, it spawned a very interesting concept within our Success of failure movement. I wanted to help individuals with the success of failure movement and events by giving tools to overcome obstacles in life. This movement focuses on community information sharing and activities to bring people together in unity. I thought to myself, that the people, planet, purpose, profit philosophy with the success of failure movement should be embedded in our community as a resource for mindful development and networking. Decisive Advocates will always be on a mission to fulfil these values. 

Raised in Berea, Ohio while being a hometown woman of Cleveland, Ohio; I can distinctively remember thirty years of fantastic ways my family connected. We shared stories of failures to successes, life problems, joyous times, and laughter through a game called Spades. Every holiday, party, get together we played this game for family bonding. Over the years, this tradition has helped my family members and myself to overcome obstacles and produce confidence while using a strategic planning concept. My dream is to bring this concept to the mainstream. I realized that this game of Spades is not only in my family tradition but, it is a part of many family’s traditions in our community and the world. I noticed that this game has been publicized primarily in southern states. My goal is to bring the game of Spades up north to the mid-west and create a place for individuals to converse, bond, share stories, and feel loved.
According to all known information and Wikipedia; Spades was devised in the United States in the late 1930s and became popular in the 1940s. It is known that Spades is a member of the Whist family and is a simplification of Contract Bridge such that a skilled Spades player can learn Bridge relatively quickly ( The game's rise to popularity in the U.S. came during World War II, when it was introduced by soldiers from its birthplace in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the war, veterans brought the game back home to the U.S., where due to the GI Bill it spread to and became popular among college students as well as in home games ( Presently, Spades has an expansive online gaming community. Spades is not only a strategic game but, creates a bond between partners that one never forgets. Decisive Advocates and The success of failure movement would love to introduce this community wide by having awesome, well organized, internal networking spades tournaments.

Decisive Advocates & The Success of Failure presents: A Spades tournament. This Spades tournament will be held at the Shore Culture Center at 291 East 222nd street Euclid, Ohio 44123 on November 18th, 2017 from 4:00 pm -7:30 pm. Individuals can enter the tournament as a single entry or a team of two. If you enter as an single entry your partner will be auto picked for you. Tournament participants can expect active judges from table to table; New cards for the semi and final rounds; Semi and final winner prizes; Waiter or waitresses serving your spades tables; VIP seating to observe the tournament; bracket of three rounds to 350 points with semi and finals to 500 points and current scores shown to everyone. You can register for this tournament in partners as well. The spades tournament will have a non-tournament entry where individuals can come and connect with the community! We will have music, semi and finalist prizes, game judges, music, great food and more. Most importantly, over one hundred individuals can enter the Spades tournament to play against other great spades players.
A Spades Tournament can be a great networking opportunity for your business, school, movement and self. We have different companies that will be present to support their sponsored teams too.
This unique event and opportunity to connect is the reason we’ve created this tournament right here in our hometown. Come out and join us. We cannot wait to see you! For more information, immediate sponsorships or about donating to this wonderful community and business event go to or A_ Spades_ Tournament on Instagram/ A Spades Tournament on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Entry for A Spades Tournament is online at or by calling 800-605-5074 ex 801.

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Current event Sponsors 
Shore Culture Center
Prospect House
Euclid Observer
PRMG (Prospect Row Media)
Euclid Chamber of Commerce
Bro Daryl (Motown)
Jay’s Landscaping and Snow Removal
Aaron O’Brien Esq.

*21 and over

Felicia Peacock

Alumni of Berea High school and Ursuline College B.A. Socially Conscious MBA. Also, an intensive fifteen-year career reflecting consistent high performance in corporate wellness, entrepreneurship, project management, recruitment, non-profits, consumer lending, mortgage lending, banking recovery, promotional sales, direct sales and corporate revenue data analysis. Currently practicing a people, planet, purpose, and profit philosophy.

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