Adult Acting Classes Starting at the Shore Cultural Center

If you've always wanted to try your hand at acting, look no further than Euclid's bustling Shore Cultural Centre.  

Starting this month, ongoing Saturday acting classes for adults of all levels of experience will be held at the center.  Taught by Jay Richburg, a recent transplant from New York City, the instruction will be based on the technique developed by legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner.

"Meisner training lets students really excel," says Richburg, who studied and taught the technique at the Matthew Corozine Studio in New York City.  "A lot of acting classes teach some version of Method acting, which has you dredge up emotional memories onstage, or they'll use improv to mimic 'naturalness.'  Both approaches put you in your head, and you don't want that.  Viola Davis is Meisner, okay?" 

Richburg was glad to find a thriving arts center here in Euclid.  "When I came to town, the Shore Cultural Centre was the first thing I noticed.  When they hosted a panel discussion on their arts program, the MAYOR sat on the panel.  Plus the incredible Terrence Spivey [formerly of Karamu House], is at the center now.  Great things are coming out of Shore, like the recent August Wilson workshop.  It was as high-level as any seminar at the top theater schools. Shore is for real.  So I'm beyond excited to be teaching there."

Richburg encourages anyone with an interest in theater to join the class.  "Thanks to Hollywood, we think of actors as fame-seekers with $300 haircuts and no day jobs,"  Richburg says.  "No.  That's show business.  Acting is a tool for self-discovery and forming community.  It is for all of us."

Classes begin Saturday, July 8th and meet every Saturday from 10 AM -12:00 PM at the Shore Cultural Centre, 291 East 222nd Street, Room 241. Tuition is $50 for a package of four classes; $15 for single classes.  For further information and enrollment, call or text the instructor at 917-488-1080, or email

Jill Richburg

Recently moved to Euclid from NYC. I'm an acting teacher, attorney, and life coach.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 11:11 AM, 07.07.2017