Petfix Northeast Ohio Offering Special $20 Spay/Neuter Surgeries For Cats To Make It Affordable For Everyone

PetFix is offering spay/neuter sugeries for owned cats for only $20. Just mention the "Cool Cats" promotion when making an appointment.

PetFix Northeast Ohio announced today that a generous grant from PetSmart Charities will enable the organization to offer spay/neuter surgeries for owned cats for only $20 (plus a free rabies vaccination). This promotional price will debut on February 1, and will be available to the first 750 cat owners who reference the “Cool Cats” promotion. The $20 rate is even lower than PetFix’s everyday exceptionally low prices (about 1/5 the cost of a regular veterinarian). 

“These inexpensive surgeries will allow cat owners, struggling to put food on the table, to enjoy all the benefits and joys of having companion animals without worrying about litters they can’t afford to care for,” said Christie Lucco, PetFix Executive Director. “PetFix is determined to help people who want to do the responsible thing for their pet, but who have limited resources and limited access to affordable pet care.” 

PetFix’s mission is to end pet homelessness in the region. “Female cats can have as many as three litters a year, and kittens can breed as young as four months old,” said Lucco. “By spaying and neutering these cats at such affordable prices, we will be able to save thousands of cats from struggling to survive on the streets or being needlessly euthanized because there aren’t enough homes.”

In addition to preventing pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering has many health benefits for cats and dogs. “A fixed pet can live a longer, healthier and less stressful life,” said Lucco. “Spaying a female pet reduces the risk of certain reproductive cancers and infections. Neutering male pets reduces unwanted behaviors like roaming, fighting, and urine-marking territories.”

The PetFix clinic is conveniently located just off I-90 at 885 E. 222nd St., only 12 minutes from downtown Cleveland. To make an appointment, pet owners should call (216) 732-7040.

Christie Lucco

I am the executive director of PetFix Northeast Ohio, a non-profit organization in Euclid that provides high quality, affordable, spay and neuter surgeries to end pet homelessness and the need for unnecessary euthanasia.

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Volume 8, Issue 2, Posted 5:57 PM, 02.08.2017