Euclid Public Library Welcomes All Patrons

Occasionally, the Euclid Public Library receives comments from patrons inquiring about the influx of students in the building during the afternoon. Though this trend seems unique to Euclid, in reality, the American Library Association reports approximately 14 million middle and high school students are on their own after school throughout the country. As dedicated public facilities that outnumber McDonalds in the country, public libraries inherit the responsibility of creating a safe, cool (or warm in the winter months), space where children and adults alike are welcome to meet and develop social and educational skills necessary to succeed.

To better serve students, in 2015, the library provided more than 400 programs for children and teens. Because of our accessibility, students are now downloading more titles and reading through their phones than ever before, as eMedia usage has increased by almost 28% for teens and 33% for children. To further solidify our commitment to the development of our children, EPL hired a dedicated Young Adult Associate to advance programming and engage our students. Although we continue to seek ways to involve our students, we also know maintaining a safe zone with organized activities after school does not rest on the library alone.

To make certain the library remains a welcoming space for all, EPL, Euclid City Schools, our local charter schools, and the Euclid Police Department continue to partner together to find ways to resolve concerns and hold all patrons accountable for misconduct. In 2013, the library updated its policy to include restriction procedures for students and adults who do not adhere to the library code of conduct. To alleviate heavy traffic flow, in early 2016, Euclid High School opened its E-Room after school to serve as an alternate waiting area and a homework center for students. Additionally, the library encourages students to participate in the many after school programs offered at the YMCA, Shore Cultural Center, the Sports Plant, and the Recreation Department. Lastly, though a cooperative effort, the Euclid Police Department continues to provide staffing during the library’s busiest hours. Along with other initiatives through community partnerships, our efforts have resulted in a drastic decline in restrictions due to behavioral misconduct.

We hear your concerns and appreciate your patience. Additionally, we ask you to join us in helping to make the library a welcoming place for all. I invite you to reach out to me or staff if you see anything that may compromise our code of conduct and to join us monthly at our Board Meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM to brainstorm community solutions. I believe together we can help to positively shape the lives of everyone who walks through our doors.

Ashley Gowens

I proudly serve the Euclid community as the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Euclid Public Library.

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 5:18 PM, 09.09.2016