Call to Artists: Seeking Artwork for 'Scary Stories'-Inspired Book

"It Wasn't Real" is story about a young girl who finds that a family heirloom may hold more than just her reflection. Artists can use this depiction of Lucy for inspiration for their own artwork to submit for consideration.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Are you an artist inspired by "Scary Stores" artist Stephen Gammell, Creepypasta, and all things macabre? If so, your talents are sought for the upcoming book "Kindergarten: Stories and Tragedies."

From the twisted imagination of Northeast Ohio-artist Shawn Coss, "Kindergarten" is a series of short tales and eerie illustrations encapsulating all the terrors of being a child … and a parent.

"Each vignette is a personal fear I've had since having my children," Coss said. "Whether it's the loss of a child from an accident or a loss of a parent" and what that would do to the child.

Coss naturally turned to his art as a therapeutic vehicle to work out his fears, adding stories of the menacing scenarios that played out in his mind, each featuring a girl named Lucy. While many parents will be able to relate with these nightmares, the stories and artwork are crafted to entice an array of horror fans.

In addition to his own work, Coss is collecting a series of complementary standalone illustrations to be included in the book. Artists who would like to considered for this venture can create a single page of art with Lucy as the main character. Include a clever quote, invent a new scenario for Lucy, or inject your own style. Be inventive while playing in the realm of Lucy’s universe. Nothing overly gory. Think subtle and unsettling. See samples for inspiration.

Artwork needs to be black and grey (pencil and/or ink preferably), at least 300 dpi in resolution. Submissions can be sent to through Sept. 15. Multiple entries allowed. Ten to 15 artists will be selected.

Chosen artists will be credited for their work and will receive a free copy of "Kindergarten" if the publishing campaign is fully funded. A 35-day Kickstarter campaign begins Sept. 1 to cover printing costs, with copies of the book, artwork, and other special incentives for donors.

For more information or to donate, visit

Coss is best known for his work with Cyanide & Happiness, artwork featured in the Stephen King film Cell, and clothing designs for Any Means Necessary as well as a vast array of commissioned work.

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