Back to school and back on the road: Get your high school or college student ready for school with a rehabbed car

It’s time to head back to school, and for high school and college students, that means hopefully taking a car to campus to get around and drive back home for the holidays.

But anyone who has had a young driver knows there is always the possibility of dings, dents and accidents around the corner, so a new car isn’t always the best solution.

Many families send their kids back to high school or college with a used car or a hand-me-down vehicle from a friend or relative, one that is already broken in but still has lots of life remaining.

Sometimes these cars need a bit of a makeover to keep students driving in style, but for less than the average cost of school supplies, a rehabbed vehicle can look great and run well through graduation.

“You want to help your college-bound son or daughter enjoy some independence and be able to drive to class, work and even home to see you, but you want to put them in a reliable vehicle that’s a good value and investment,” said Tony Perrino, owner of Action CARSTAR Collision, 21200 St. Clair Avenue in Euclid, part of the nation’s largest family of auto body repair experts.  “By giving a used or hand-me-down vehicle, you can provide freedom and a great value, too. It is very affordable to rehab a vehicle with your local auto body repair expert, and you can have the car ready before the first class bell rings.”

Perrino suggests that for a $500 investment, a local body shop can make some of the following updates to restore the looks of the car just in time for the first day of school:

• Conduct a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior and interior

• Restore the headlights to remove scratches and yellow hazing that age the car and diminish visibility. CARSTAR recommends 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System to remove scratches and yellow hazing that age the car and diminish visibility.

• Clean the wheels and tires to remove brake dust and highway grime.

• Restore black plastic bumpers, door handles and tires to brand new finish.

• Repair small scratches in the clear coat and paint to a like-new surface with a long-lasting professional wax job. 

• Repair minor dings and dents without replacing damaged body panels.

• Replace missing or damaged trim or decorative elements and broken mirrors.

• Update all of the light bulbs with newer long-lasting bulbs and switch to new flexible windshield wipers.

There are some things that parents can do to improve the mechanical performance, too, including using new do-it-yourself fuel cleaners or tune-up kits, changing the oil, replacing air and cabin filters, and cleaning the brakes with a high-power brake cleaner.

“With those improvements made, your college student will just need to adorn their vehicle with team stickers to show their team pride and they are ready to roll,” said Perrino.  “And you can relax knowing your son or daughter is safe on the road with a well-maintained vehicle.”

Action CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts have been offering high-quality, reliable repair service in the Euclid area for over 30 years.  Just call (216) 486-6161 when you need a vehicle repair and they will send the tow truck, contact your insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair your car. For more information visit


CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts is the largest group of branded collision repair facilities in North America with over 380 locally owned and operated locations in 30 states and 10 Canadian provinces. CARSTAR is committed to providing consistent quality services to our customers and insurance partners and has repaired more than 2.5 million vehicles since it was founded in 1989. Our technicians and front office staff receive ongoing training to ensure they are qualified to work on any vehicle. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority as we consistently lead the industry in customer satisfaction ratings.

Cheryl Cameron

I am the Marketing Representative for three CARSTAR Auto Body shops in Northeast Ohio, one of which is in Euclid on St. Clair Avenue. Action CARSTAR Auto Body, owned and operated by Pat and Tony Perrino, is a member of the Euclid Chamber and served the Euclid community for over 30 years.

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 11:34 AM, 09.15.2011