Paradise in Euclid

Perhaps, Euclid is too far north to attract major franchise restaurants. And, maybe that’s a good thing. We seem to give the space and opportunity to would-be restaurateurs to build their dreams. A great example of this is the Paradise Restaurant and Pub at 830 Babbitt Road, just north of the freeway.  Euclid residents and owners Srini and Babu Madala have totally renovated their building to put in a wonderful place to meet friends and share a meal or a drink.  
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Volume 1, Issue 2, Posted 12:45 PM, 05.20.2010

The Kebab House 21930 Lakeshore Blvd.

The kids came over at two last Saturday afternoon. They were looking hungry from a workout and I am always hungry. I suggested going out to eat and they jumped at the offer. Where can you take two starving twenty-somethings and not pay an arm and a leg? The Kebab House in Downtown Euclid, on Lakeshore Blvd., that's where. I had been there before and wanted the kids to try it too.

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 12:45 PM, 05.20.2010