Will I Like Medicare?

While we often hear the complaints about Medicare, a recent survey showed that nearly 90% of Medicare enrollees are happy with their coverage and the care they receive. Your satisfaction will be determined in a large part by the Medicare coverage you select. Overall, I think you will find there is a lot to like about Medicare including:

Preventive Care

Whether you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, you will be covered for a long list of preventive care services, including immunizations, screenings, tests, and annual wellness visits with your physician. Many Medicare Advantage plans now include expanded coverage for telehealth services, transportation to medical appointments, home-maker service and a generous allowance for over the counter medications.


While original Medicare (Parts A and B) provides good basic coverage, it is not your only option. A Prescription Part D plan will add valuable coverage for your prescription needs at reasonable rates.

You may also opt for a Medicare Advantage plan instead of Original Medicare. Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance companies who contract with Medicare to provide all your Part A and Part B benefits. Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare including prescription drug coverage, vision, dental and hearing care, to name a few.


Medicare works to contain your costs.

  • Medicare premiums tend to rise more slowly than private health plans because they are tied to inflation. Since 2013, private insurance premiums increased a little over 120%, while Part B premiums only increased by about 25%, or around $30 a month.
  • Those who want to limit unexpected medical costs can add a Medicare Supplement to Original Medicare. Medicare Supplements cover all costs not covered by Original Medicare including co-payments, deductibles, and health care outside the U.S. (Medicare Supplements do not cover vision, dental or hearing coverage.)
  • A Medicare Advantage plan can bundle your coverage for medical, hospital, vision, dental, hearing and more in one plan. There are a variety of plans for you to choose from. Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans have a maximum out-of-pocket cost which means you will never pay more than your plan maximum each year, no matter what your health care costs.

Learn the ins and outs of Medicare before you enroll in a plan. Join me for my class, Getting Started with Medicare at the Euclid Library on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The class is free, but you do need to register by calling 216-261-5300 extension 5100 to register. To set up a personal appointment with me contact me by email at Lmutsko@mutskoinsurance.com or call 440-255-5700.

Laura Mutsko

Laura Mutsko is a licensed insurance agent and broker offering a complete line of health and life insurance products, including Individual, Group and Family Health, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage, Vision, Dental and Life Insurance. Contact Laura at 440-255-5700. Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC is located at 6982 Spinach Drive in Mentor, Ohio.

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