What Have You Been Thinking About Lately?

There may be one positive result of Covid19:  We have gotten a bit more reflective.  For many, those reflections have created a shift in priorities, a greater appreciation for community, and a greater awareness of caring for the needs of others.  And while we are all looking for ways to protect our physical health, many now also seek a healthier spirituality; a search for wisdom, a desire for peace. 

If you have been searching, come and tell us your story.  We would love to hear it! And we would love to tell you ours!  Pope Francis said, “The Church is a house of joy.”        

The people of Ss. Robert and William want to share that joy with you.

Call Renee Barber at 216-731-1515 Ext. 262

Nathan Raddell

Ss. Robert & William Catholic School and Parish

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 09.03.2020