Unique Shore Acres Weather Station-Shares Accurate Information to All

Local weather enthusiast Bill Hogsett 

When Shore Acres resident and local hobbyist Weatherman Bill Hogsett moved onto the lake in 2005, he found a great way to combine his hobby of computers and computer programming with his new interest in Lake Erie and the weather patterns in his neighborhood.

Hogsett, a retired corporate lawyer, decided to invest in a personal weather station.  He was fascinated with the idea of getting the most accurate weather forecast possible.  “A lot of the time even six blocks inland, the weather pattern is totally different,” shared Hogsett.  With your own personal weather station, you can receive the most accurate information out there.

Every six to seven seconds the weather is updated.  This is done from a pole in Hogsett’s backyard, on the pole are devices that measure rainwater, temperature, and humidity. He also has a large seven-foot anemometer on his roof that measures wind speed and patterns. The weather station console is located inside the house and measures barometric pressure.  All of this data is then transferred wirelessly to the weather station console and Hogsett’s computer.  From there, the data is passed through software that pumps the information out to public websites for all to enjoy.

Hogsett’s main website can be viewed at http://billhogsett.com/weather.  This site includes unique Lake Erie information, capturing wave height and strength as well as water temperature, from a buoy located in Lake Erie on the far east side of Cleveland.  Hogsett offers an online weather forecast option that is specific to phones at http://billhogsett.com/wd/pwsWD/.

“With the internet, we all have easy access to weather information.  What my sites provide is information specific to Collinwood-actually Shore Acres.  So, the weather information is going to be much more accurate much of the time compared to what an app would show for Cleveland” Hogsett shared.  If you are planning an event or just looking for the most accurate Collinwood weather information, be sure to check out Hogsett’s sites, and pack that umbrella if it says you need it, you now know the forecast is right! 

Emily Holody

A Peninsula, Ohio, native, Emily Holody is a stay-at-home mother and freelance writer with a degree in Sociology from Kent State University. She has a background in mental health and social work, loves yoga, all things outdoors, and lives in Euclid with her childhood sweetheart and their family.

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