The New Captains of your Health Care Team

At Dedicated Senior Medical Center, our Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are the captains of your healthcare team. They will see you once a month and oversee all aspects of your healthcare needs, whether you are sick or well. Your PCP will monitor your health and medications, order your on-site tests and screenings, and coordinate your care with all your specialists. They will keep all your doctors informed and on the same page, so you do not have to. By coordinating all aspects of your healthcare, they can keep you in the best possible health.

Some of the on-site services they offer are:

Primary Care Providers

Onsite Diagnostic Testing

Medications Provided on-site

Labs & Testing on -site


Door-to-Doctor Transportation Available




Social Workers

Exercise, Educational and Social Events

They are located at the old Rite-Aid Building: 15105 St Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44110, (216) 800-8020

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 09.03.2020