Take a Bleacher Break to Avoid the Ache

As sports begin to make their return, you may find yourself sitting on the bleachers for extended periods of time cheering on your favorite athlete. This often leads to lower back and upper buttock pain because you are sitting on a hard surface with your back unsupported. A lack of support, tends to pull you into a slouched position, increasing the pull on the lower back muscles, likely causing stiffness across the lower back. The best solution to this would be to avoid sitting in the middle of the stands. Consider sitting close to the top or the bottom of the bleachers. This way you can stand up without blocking someone else’s view of the game all while avoiding a future pain in the butt. Try getting out of your seat at a timeout, halftime, or at the end of a set to walk around for a few minutes. This may not fully take away the ache in your back while you are sitting, but it should help to reduce it. Sports don’t have to be in season for us to have your back, at Infield Chiropractic (216) 938-7889.

Kara Berger

Dr. Kara Berger is a chiropractor at Infield Chiropractic Office.

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 09.03.2020