Racism.  Dreadful, abominable, ghastly, horrendous, alarming.  And, for most of my life, I lived in utter ignorance of its ugly ramifications to the African American race for over 135 years, and counting. 

I suppose blatant racism had to rear its ugly head in the area of police brutality on T.V. for me to fully grasp what black America has had to deal with in this one area.   No one should feel a sense of alarm when a uniformed officer stops you for no reason at all!   And, yet, black American children have been prepared for this scenario to not make waves to make it home in one piece.     

This is not a dramatic portrayal in a fictitious movie!

Our thinking is flawed.  We are born flawed.  Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs.  Everyone is born badly flawed, down to the bone.  A number of us make up our own ethics to please our prideful selves because we can. 

However, no one is finer than anyone else.   And yet, we make ourselves big.  We make God small.  And, one fine day, the opposite will be evident.  Truth will prevail.  And, God will be the final judge, even as we stutter in our faltering defense. 

God has no favorites among His children, but we do.  It’s okay.  We can like who we like on any given day.  But, what is not okay is to hurt the people we don’t like.  Unfortunately, the only real method of curbing unfair treatment from the officers who hurt people that they don’t like is stricter laws that must be followed, or else!  It’s the only worldly remedy for flawed man, don’t you agree?

No more free reign to please our prideful selves because we can.  It is wrong.  It would be too dreadful, abominable, ghastly, horrendous, and alarming! 

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 4:04 PM, 09.03.2020