September Happy Hippy Mama

Remember to pause and breathe wherever you are.  

Happy September-

I hope this finds all of you well!  As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, I find myself trying to find new ways to shift and move our lives.  We are preparing for the start of school, which for our family will be remote at-home learning.  Our three older girls attend school, and the entire school will have a remote start, for the first six weeks.  It is not what we had hoped for months ago, but it is what it is, and we are adjusting and finding ways to find joy and excitement even at this time.  

The summer weather has brought us lovely lake-filled afternoons, and campfire filled nights.  We have found small Ohio mini trips to go on, and filled our days with sand, sun, friends, and family.  This summer was not the one we had planned, but it was wonderful all the same.  It is my hope that our fall is as well.  If you are feeling stressed or unsure how the coming weeks and months will go, lean into those feels, just breathe, and remind yourself we have made it this far, we will make it through the next stages too.  If you need support or just an ear, please remember I am but an email away.

Last month, I touched on some of my grief ramblings, and although there were sad days in August, there were many more happy days.  As I continue to reflect, and grow, and LIVE, I am happy to find new and old memories that fill the empty spaces in my soul.  I hope you are doing the same.  No matter what your journey is, know you are not alone.

I was happy to find a new wonderful cookbook to look through, Buck Naked Kitchen by Kristen Buck has brought me great joy.  Looking through the lovely photos, and recipes have sparked my love for Whole30 and have made me ponder doing a Whole30 this fall.  Something to kick start a healthy school year that will give me the recharge I need to chase our four wild little women.  If anyone else is feeling motivated for a recharge and possibly a healthy change, shoot me an email at or come find me on Facebook at Happy Hippy Mama.


Whatever this new school year brings, may we find peace and comfort in our community and city.

This months mantra:

I accept everything as it is right now

Until next time, 


Emily Holody

A Peninsula, Ohio, native, Emily Holody is a stay-at-home mother and freelance writer with a degree in Sociology from Kent State University. She has a background in mental health and social work, loves yoga, all things outdoors, and lives in Euclid with her childhood sweetheart and their family.

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