•    Continue to support the development of projects that will increase tax revenue for the city.

•    Continue to hold regular Financial Update Work sessions with the Finance Director so Council

can make informed decisions based on current budgetary status of the City.


Euclid City Council feels it is in the City’s best long-term interests to consistently work toward

implementing the goals and initiatives enumerated within the recently completed and adopted Master

Plan. (February 2018) Council will continue to encourage development of projects that are

beneficial to our city’s growth.

•    Continue to research and seek out Public/Private Partnerships within the framework of City

operations and assets.  Partnerships may be viable alternatives as Federal, State, and Local Laws

are created and/or revised promoting such partnerships.

•    Continue to encourage and support infrastructure investment, retail recruitment and

beautification efforts to vital commercial districts, such as E. 185, E. 200, E. 222, Lakeshore

Blvd. and Euclid Avenue.

•    Enhance neighborhood centers through retail, restaurants and activities that attract

investment by developing and supporting Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) in targeted

neighborhood centers. Also work in collaboration with ‘shared’ staff to support the downtown SID.


Council will continue to seek out opportunities to:

•    Support the Euclid Police and Fire their mission.

•    Enhance Resident/Police relationship opportunities

•    Support opportunities for enhanced training for our Safety Forces.

•    Support Personal wellness services for Safety staff.

•    Discuss the potential need for a Safety Levy to assure our Safety Forces have the

resources/incentives necessary to perform their roles in today’s environment.

•    Develop and implement a Crisis Management/Communications Strategy for the City in this

calendar year so we consistently and appropriately manage any city issue.

CITY ASSETS - Goals specified are operational and strategic

•    Formulate a plan for disposition of the house/property next to the Euclid Historical property.

The plan would include use and funding for implementation.

•    Investigate and develop a long-term strategy for Capital funding to a level necessary to

responsibly maintain our City assets on a consistent/continual basis. This will be done in

collaboration of the City Administration. This investigation may include a review of the policies

of the Bond Debt Service Fund.

•    Seek public/private partnerships where appropriate.

Shore Cultural Centre

•    Continue  to  explore  alternatives  and  options  for  Shore  Cultural  Centre  with  the 

overriding  goal  of reducing the annual subsidy needed to operate this City asset.

•    Establish a Committee to review the 2015 ‘Five Year Strategic Plan’ for Shore to determine

“next steps” for the future of the Building in our Community.   Determine what, if any, revisions

need to be addressed and identify a process to ensure its long-term health, vibrancy and success by

year end  2021.

•    Clarify the mission, image/value proposition for the future

•    Work with qualified economic development, marketing and real estate professionals to review

and explore alternative development and/or ownership options for Shore Cultural Centre; including

conversion to a more general incubator space, co-working space, live-work space or other economic

development activity.

•    Continue to explore the pros and cons of different ownership and management structures,

Briardale Greens Golf Course:

•    Through the Assets Committee, analyze and evaluate usage data, operations, management and

needed improvements (both operational and capital) as recommended by Billy Casper.

•    Discuss and determine future sustainability of golf course, (benefits and constraints to City)

•    Develop a short and longer term operational and capital plan for the course,

•    Research and discuss other possible programs that could be added to generate more interest and


•    Discuss TIF generation as a mechanism to pay for improvements.


•    Promote community engagement that brings together all ages and diverse communities in Euclid.

•    Modernize the city logo.

•    Establishing neighborhood character areas, utilizing wayfinding tools.

•    Display the Euclid flag on City owned structures. This flag was developed by Euclid residents

and supported by Euclid City Council.

•    Working with the Planning and Development Department, to design and conduct outreach and

development opportunities for/ with commercial real estate brokers, Opportunity Zone projects, and

showcasing specific sites such as the Waterfront Project, etc.

NEIGHBORHOOD INITIATIVES/REVITALIZATION – Goals include development of a new Community Development

Corporation (CDC), to focus on limited redevelopments and community image.

•    Engage residents in exploration and better understanding of the capabilities of a CDC.

•    Continue the formation of a new CDC and complete a strategic plan which is to focus on limited

redevelopments and community image

•    Encourage EDCOR to participate in a strategic planning process in order to expand their

services and increase community impact throughout the city.

•    Establish a ‘Euclid Avenue Revitalization Committee’ to focus on all aspects of revitalizing

the Euclid Avenue corridor from our shared border with Cleveland on the West to our shared border

with Wickliffe on the East. Roadway improvements, streetscaping, and economic development will be

the primary concerns addressed. The primary goal is to restore the City of Euclid’s portion of the

Euclid Avenue corridor to a vibrant and viable economic and residential community utilizing work

previously done by the Euclid Avenue Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI),

(Nov. 2013), and supported by the City’s Masterplan adopted by Euclid City Council on February

5th,2018. There is a projected 24- month timeline for the fulfillment of the initial stages of

development for the Euclid Corridor.

•    Work with Law Department and Planning Department to update the Land Bank Disposition Policies

to ensure their relevance to our current housing market and long–term City goals for redevelopment,

and to ensure decisions are made through a consistent process.

•    Allow and support the use of Land Bank lots for Community garden expansion in neighborhoods

throughout the city.

•    Review City-owned land for consideration as community-managed pocket parks, especially in

neighborhoods with limited green space and parcels at major intersections.

•    Provide continued support on E. 185th  Street Revitalization Project in accordance with the

City’s Master Plan.

•    Collaborate with ‘Keep Euclid Beautiful, Shade Tree Commission, Memorial Park Community and

other land conservation groups to develop a Parks Master Plan that considers specific design

improvements at smaller neighborhood parks and community gardens, as well as Memorial Park and the

public Lakefront parks.


•    Emphasize enforcement of current housing and building ordinances to reduce blight.

•    Review City’s housing incentive program along with ordinances that impact redevelopment,

rehabilitation and new housing starts.

•    Set priorities for Housing Dept. on Code Review, enforcement and accountability. We will work

with the housing manager, CBO and housing staff to ensure that we are consistent in our code

enforcement and that consistency will be evidenced throughout the department:

-by applying our existing code,

-following the computer systems diary code for timely follow up.

•    Recommend areas of revision and/or enhancement in our planning and zoning code that are

outdated or antiquated.  Addressing issues that are of greatest concern for our residents will be

prioritized first by obtaining P & Z reports on cases presented. This initiative will be ongoing

with measured success by year-end 2020 and 2021.

•    Develop and implement a consistent accountable “Concierges Services” process for businesses by

end of 2020 to insure consistent constructive interactions for businesses within Euclid.


•    Adopt Zero Waste principles to maximize recycling and minimize waste at all City meetings and

events in order to eliminate single-use plastic, Styrofoam and other non-biodegradable materials to

ensure more sustainable solid waste management practices at the municipal level.

•    Expand green infrastructure opportunities throughout the city by seeking minimum LEED

certification as part of municipal building renovations or construction, increasing tree and native

plantings within existing parks, open spaces and development projects, preserving existing deep

setbacks within commercial districts and utilizing rain garden and bioswales to mitigate storm

water flow into sewer systems.

•    Continue to work on green infrastructure and how it might be applied to individual property


•    Discuss and determine purpose and use of future green space at Lakeshore Blvd water



REVIEW OF CITY ORDINANCES – The goal is to ensure our city ordinances are in current compliance


State statute, and that they have relevance in today’s community.

•    Discuss and review current City Ordinances to ensure consistency with the ORC.

•    Discuss enforcement of current ordinances:

-to reduce blight.

-to insure Euclid laws are consistent with recent changes to the ORC.

-to address specific laws that have been questioned by members of council.

-to determine how laws directly impact the lives of the residents.

OTHER – This category contains goals that do not fit nicely under the other categories, but were

acknowledged to be important enough to list.

•     Continue to develop a consistent communications strategy to be utilized routinely by those

responsible for messaging in the City.

•     Discuss and potentially hire a “Communications” person for the City of Euclid to assure a

fair and balanced dialogue is accomplished in all aspects of reporting to media, organizations, the

residents, City Council and City staff.  This FTE would further build a consistent message and

forge important public relationships that would consistently enhance and benefit the image of


•    Actively participate in Strategic Healthcare Committee to monitor current Healthcare expenses/

benefits to assure “best in value” Healthcare strategy going forward in next year(s) to assure most

efficacious and sustainable impact for the City.

All Goals listed by City Council require the coordination and cooperation of the City Department

Directors, staff and the Mayor.  In collaboration with the Administration we can address these

proactive strategies in a timely manner to benefit

the residents of Euclid going forward.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:26 PM, 08.10.2020