Help Close the Gap of Ignorance to Support BLM

Not long into this pandemic, my eyes were opened to my ignorance about racial injustice. It started as I watched people scramble for face coverings across the nation. Disturbed, I saw a man in California use ‘required face coverings’ to push his prejudiced agenda. In broad daylight, leaning on his grocery cart, he donned a Klu Klux Klan hood like a baseball cap. “The nerve”. I was in disbelief. Sometime later, I would run two miles. Not because I’m a runner or knew Ahmaud, but because it was a worthy cause. About a month later, appalled, I watched ‘Walk in the park Karen’. That wicked witch of the east. “What gave her the idea or right to put herself above anyone due to her skin color (or anyone else’s)?” Then…I saw the same straw that broke the pandemic-tired nation’s (and the repeatedly and historically abused black community’s) back. Despicable, shameful, horrific, senseless, undeserved acts. I don’t need to tell you, there’s indeed a crisis in our nation, and that’s why BLM exists.

We need change. I want and need to part of the solution. But, as I’ve said before, “Who wants to hear from me? I’m just a white woman, raising white kids, in a white neighborhood.” What do I know? I know this: I purposefully moved away from an all-white town in Connecticut to a more diverse city near Cleveland, I don’t view people in color, my children don’t either. Good right? Yes. But it’s not enough. I have to speak up, but I don’t have the words. I’m not black and couldn’t possibly relate. So, I’ve been listening to those who can. I’ve been calling friends, my sister, previous co-workers, my client and my past daycare provider, anyone who might know about racial issues. The conversations are long and eye-opening. I’ve reviewed notes from the diversity/inclusion conference I attended in March and listened to a live panel in Cleveland about racial injustice. I’m asking questions, trying to soak in and understand why I don’t understand. I get it now. It’s because I’m ignorant to the issues…that white privilege created. Well, the ignorance gap needs to be closed. My public presence needs to be utilized and my power needs to be harnessed, but my voice needs to come from the black community. Not me. Please read the rest of this story and use an opportunity to give input on change via a survey that’s posted on my blog:

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 4:52 PM, 07.06.2020