Life has changed

Just a few months ago it was a simple pleasure to talk with someone while standing in line waiting for your food, it was socially acceptable to shake hands, and it was a sign of kind concern to share a hug. Times have certainly changed. Now, not doing those things is a sign of caring. The world has been flipped on its head.

There’s a danger out there, and it’s not just the virus. It’s the view, reinforced by current circumstances, that every other person is an enemy trying to do you harm.

I went into a store yesterday for essentials. The store requires employees and visitors to wear a mask. A man entered the store without a mask and was stopped, advised of the requirement, and given the choice to buy a mask or leave. This sent the man into a rage and he yelled and swore. He left the store shouting, and came across a short older lady on her way in. Dressed in mask and gloves, she quickly reminded him the requirement is for everyone’s protection. He balked, making it clear he saw the store as infringing on his freedom and the lady as an anxious germaphobe. She did not back down and was every bit as loud, insisting actions like his are the reason the virus keeps spreading. After a loud moment they went separate ways.

Covid-19 has impacted the entire world. The effects on individuals, families, communities, and the global economy have been devastating. The world is at war with a virus. This is not an us versus them situation. We are all in this together and each of us must do our part. You don’t want to get this virus, and you don’t want to give it to anyone else. 

Every season of life carries a lesson. These are inconvenient, disruptive and challenging times which require us to be deliberate with self-care and personal protection. Safety measures are certainly doable. Perhaps our greatest challenge is to not permit the current circumstances to make us less; less kindhearted, less caring, and less thoughtful.

This will end, but some effects will be long lasting. Human kindness must not be one of the casualties.  

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 11:49 AM, 06.07.2020